Genes, not jeans.
President Joyce Loveday called the meeting to order at 12:30pm
Invocation given by Jeannie Hill
Flag salute was led by Dee Ebsen.  Welcome back Dee!
Marie Barth tried to introduce Visiting Rotarians, but there were none.
Tom McClellan introduced Dana Knutzen, our guest speaker from St. Joseph Hospital.
Future programs
September 23 -- Taj Jensen, Tyee Park Elementary School Principal 
September 30 - Craig Kenworthy, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
October 7 -- Rose Bowman, District Governor.  Tom reminded board members to please arrive at 11AM that day to meet with District Governor.  Be ready to talk about your area of responsibility, and bring your questions about how our club can do better with ideas from other clubs.
Karen Fengler Nichols -- no sunshine report.  Second notices for dues were sent out, so please remember to submit your dues -- for goodness sake, it's September!
Jim Hairston reported on this year's fundraiser on October 1 at the Lakewood Playhouse --  A Few Good Men will be the production.  At Wednesday's meeting, an additional $1053 from sponsors was added to the already collected $8100.  Jim passed around a sponsorship sheet.  Please confirm your company's logo.  President Joyce added a special thanks to Jim for his help on the event.
Sydna Koontz sent a signup sheet around, asking for note takers through December. 
She also reminded members that a few weeks ago Heidi Wachter asked the club for support when she participated in the Courage Classic.  Here was a member who was athletic, toned and buff competing in a good cause.  Sydna is a WACHTER WANNABE!  On Sunday, October 25 Partners For Parks will Walk The Waughop.  This fundraiser will help renovate the trail around Waughop Lake and Fort Steilacoom Park.  Sydna thanked the club for their $1,000 sponsorship and Joyce Oubre for her sponsorship.  Charlie Maxwell and Sydna will be walking -- though not toned and buff -- she passed around an envelope for donations.
President Joyce reported that on Saturday, September 26 Barnes and Noble will have a book fair where a portion of the sales proceeds will go to Tyee Park.  They are in needs of volunteers -- more information to follow.
Joyce also indicated that Jennifer Lopez at Tyee Park will hold a Clothing Exchange on Saturday, October 10.  It will be an opportunity for families to bring clothing that their children have outgrown and exchange them for larger clothes.  Additional information will be provided at next meeting.
1.  What do these four things have in common?
        Men with Friends
        The Blue Men
        The Conspirators
        Round Table
    Answer:  they were all considered as names for what became Rotary
2.  In 1987 what pledge did this club make to the fifth grade class at Southgate?
     Answer:  If the student remained in contact with our club (letter sent each year telling what they were doing) the club would pay for their college education.  The results were four students used scholarship funds to attend college classes.  One went on to complete her Bachelor's degree and her Masters.  Her name is Joann Moon.
3.   Which Clover Park Rotarian is a concert Bassonist?
      Answer:  Tim Plante.
Joy Taylor collected the money and Karen George had the microphone.
Ken Sharp was an early leaver -- $5
Anniversaries:  Dr. David Cotant -- 4 years with Judy.  They celebrated by going on a cruise to the 49th state.  They were gone for 15 days.  In 1958 David was there when the Alaska became a state -- he was 14 years old.  $80
Bob Lawrence celebrated  a birthday and won the raffle last week.  General Ed will catch him next week as Bob was out celebrating today!
Paul Webb turned in his Wachter for $70.  Paul was the high bidder for Mr. Swalley's DVD.  [ed. note for new readers: a "Wachter" is an IOU, named for Heidi Wachter who so conspicuously and repeatedly was without ready cash to pay fines.  That name replaced "Ullisse", named for a long-ago member who had the same problem.]
Dee Ebsen went to her 50th high school reunion in Vernonia, Oregon.  Great time with friends -- $20.
Judi Maier spent the summer in Roche Harbor on her boat.  It wasn't all fun -- she had three clients that she had to organize and then she spent 4 weeks laying cork on their boat deck during the 90 degree weather.  Georgene Mellom stepped up to pay for Judi's fine -- $100 to her Paul Harris.  Judi reported that she ran into former Clover Park Rotarian, Bob Farger.  His health is doing better and he will retire at the end of this year.
Georgene Mellom admitted to finally moving after over forty years.  It has been an ordeal, but she wasn't alone, she had help from. . . Long pause . . .  Marie Barth, real estate extraordinaire and Teresa Nye, mortgage broker exceptional.  Georgene contributed $100 to the club and $100 to Paul Harris.
Fred Willis, in cognito with his dark glasses on, admitted to receiving a new left eye, and will get a new right eye next week -- $5.
Joyce Loveday took a road trip with her sister -- 2000 miles in 10 days for $50.
Dana Knutzen is a genetic counselor, who was previously employed at Madigan, and now works at St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, specializing in Hereditary Cancer Syndromes.
All cancer is genetic.  Cells contain genetic information in the form of DNA.  Throughout our life, cells grow and divide replacing old and damaged cells.  Cancer starts from a mutation in our DNA.  In a normal cell, mutations are detected and repaired.  In cancer cells, mutations are not detected or repaired and the cell continues to divide.  A single mutation in DNA does not cause concern -- it is the accumulation of multiple mutations over many years that allow a normal cell to become abnormal and grow without control into a cancerous cell.
Most cancer is NOT inherited.  Only about 5-10% are inherited.  Big reliance on cancer prevention such as breast cancer screening, colon cancer screening, cervical/prostate/skin cancer screening.  Unfortunately, presently there are no screenings for stomach, ovarian, brain, esophageal and pancreatic cancers.
There are identified genes that relate to certain kinds of cancers.  The two most identified in breast cancer are BRCA1 and BRCA2, terms which refer to specific regions of certain chromosomes where deletions or mutations result in higher risk for breast cancer.  There appears to be some correlations between these two genes and ovarian cancer.  Stringent management of Hereditary Breast and/or Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (HBOC) were outlined -- both the physical and the psychosocial.
Causes of Hereditary Colon Cancer is primarily Lynch Syndrome.  Management of Lynch syndrome was outlined.
Genetic counseling is the process of helping people understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease.  The decision to test involves questions such as
  • How will this impact my life?
  • What will my spouse say?
  • What about my kids?
  • Will my mother/father/sister/brother resent me?
  • How will I tell others about this?
  • What about genetic discrimination?
Marie Barth had the lucky ticket, but did not pick an ace -- $5.