Wedging and Clamping, Is that something you should know?
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order by President Joyce Loveday precisely at 12:30 PM, to the ongoing annoyance of our finemaster.
Invocation given by Alan Billingsley.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Fred Willis.
No visiting Rotarians today.
Today’s Guests:
Stephanie Cholmondeley, the TREE Program – Community Gardens in Tillicum, WA.   Alan Billingsley introduced his granddaughter Hazel. Hazel found the tire rubber samples to be quite entertaining!
Future Programs:
10/28/2015 – Judi Maier, WA State's new Limited License Legal Technician Program
11/04/2015 – Tod Wolf, of Robi's Camera.  "Momma Don't Take My Kodachrome Away"
11/11/2015 – Denny Wilford, Polio Eradication and Rehabilitation in Ethiopia
11/18/2015 – Larry & Diane Huffman, Chaplains for West Pierce Fire and Rescue
Sunshine Report – No report today
Bonnie Boyle – reminded all that a bin for the EFN Food Drive was located next to the Rotary Welcome Station and check-in table.  It will be there for 4 weeks.  If you have items that you want to drop off during the week, please take them to Sheri Hodson’s State Farm Office on Gravelly Lake Drive.
Sydna Koontz - reminded everyone of the Partners for Parks sponsored "Walk the Waughop" Walk-a-thon on Sunday, Oct. 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood. There will be treats for everyone.  If you want to bring a K-9 friend, please do so.  There is also an opportunity to donate to this cause online if you cannot attend the event and still wish to contribute. For more information check out
Jim Hairston - passed around a sign-up sheet seeking participation on our scheduled repack dates at EFN.  The two dates scheduled for the remainder of this year are November 21 and December 12. Please mark your calendars.
Joyce Oubre – announced our Christmas shopping date for clothing in support of Tyee Park Elementary School students will be Sunday, Dec 6th at Target in Lakewood.  The wrapping party will be held at University Place Fire Department #31 on Dec 16.  If you want to contribute, please make checks payable to Clover Park Rotary. 
One other announcement, which was not included at the meeting:  Becky Newton of the City of Lakewood has asked that we pass the word about an upcoming public meeting about the City's proposed new program to conduct inspections of rental housing units.  The meeting is Oct. 29, 6:00-7:30 PM at the City Council Chambers.  Rental customers, tenant associations, and property owners should please come and offer your input.  RSVP for this meeting by contacting Becky Newton at (253) 983-7738, or so that they can provide adequate seating and materials.
Today’s Presidents Message: President Joyce shared a video clip on the progress of Polio Plus in the country of Pakistan.
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Mason Hudson and Karen George assisting)
We celebrated two birthdays this week.  Alice Peeples was recognized for celebrating her 82nd birthday, and for doing so with a particular wardrobe flair. 
Tom McClellan was a bit more elusive, and offered that his age is now equal to the 10th number in the Fibonacci sequence.  After some brow-furrowing by the finemaster, Tom stipulated that the number exceeded the agreed upon ceiling. 
President Joyce Loveday was cited for more than one faux pas made during last weeks meeting.  It was noted that she has been in office since July and this was her first fine for infractions during a club meeting.  She brought her checkbook. 
Joyce Oubre - was called upon to deliver a report on the state of “McDonald’s All Day Breakfast”. To everyone’s surprise the accounting was considered an inquiry for information and deemed non-punitive.  [ed. note: it was noted then, but probably should have been, that Carr's Restaurant also offers all-day breakfast.]
True Confessions - were accepted for $5.  Sydna Koontz paid a Polio-Plus Wachter and Helen McGovern-Pilant confessed that her son has a new job with benefits.
Early Departures - Three early departures were declared to Gen Ed and fines were collected.
Today’s Program:
Bryan Christensen provided a program on car technology. His initial question to the group, “what are the normal things that should be done to maintain a vehicle”? Quite appropriate for us as we enter the winter month’s and also a quick reminder to check our spare vehicles that some of our children or grandchildren are driving to school.  Some quick reminders:
Oil changes – are critical to enhanced engine life
Brake fluid – if you change this periodically, you should never have a leak in your system.
Tire rubber – there are two types of rubber; US made and tires made of imported rubber. Imported tires are made of harder rubber and have a lot of “bounce”.  The harder edges seem to wear quicker.  Tires made of US rubber have less bounce and cling to the road surface better. 
Brakes – maintaining them and understanding the type you have are key to understanding how they react when applying them to bring the vehicle to a stop.
Wheel alignment – is another critical procedure that is key to enhancing tire life.
Thanks Bryan for an enlightening and timely presentation!
Raffle Drawing:
Raffle pot was $239, and a “pot draining” Ace was drawn.  But because General Ed was one of the early leavers, he does not know yet from whom to solicit a "tithe".  So in an effort to amplify his fine collection efforts, we will report only that there was a winner among the attendees, and we'll see if Ed can collect an additional $2 "rat" fine.  Next week we begin a new raffle.