Posted by Tom McClellan on May 30, 2018
More Water Than They Had Ever Seen At One Time!
Notes from the May 23, 2018 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order: by President Elect Heidi precisely at 12:30 pm.
Invocation: Dave Cotant. Pledge of Allegiance: Anne Winters.  Greeter: David Cotant
Visiting Rotarians Michael McGavock from Tacoma North Rotary Club Co-Speaker).
Today’s Guests: Carolyn Othieno – Co-guest speaker; Renae Hannah; Bruce Barth – guest of Marie Barth; Lisa Blevins – guest of Marie Barth; Ingrid Willis – guest of Fred Willis;
Future Programs:
May 30: Sue Potter - Nourish Pierce County
June 6: Hillary Franz -  State Commissioner of Public Lands
June 13: John Munn - Lakewood Playhouse's New Season
Sunshine Report – No one reported sick today.
PE Heidi – gave an update on the 2018-19 Board Retreat and informed the club that Committee chairs are looking for members to join their committees.  Let Chairs know if you are interested.
Sheri Hodson – Distributed Evites on Monday for the Installation Dinner being held on June 20th.  She asked everyone to respond via email or bring in your meal selection along with your payment to next week’s meeting. 
Jim Hairston – reported that we have 3 Foursomes signed up for the golf scramble and 7 committed sponsors.  Please get out there and bring in the participants and donors for our Aug 4th event at American Lakes VA Golf Course.  The advertisement on our website contains two links (one to download a manual registration form; and one to purchase a ticket through Eventbrite).
Bob Lawrence – Announced the sale of tickets for the Lakewood Playhouse production of “The Little Shop of Horrors”.  This event is being sponsored by Crime Stoppers as a fundraising event on June 6th.  Cost is $25.00 per ticket.
Presidents Time
PE Heidi decided to use a joke today as her last one seemed to work out ok with the crowd. 
Q. What do you call a person who cannot stay on a diet?
A. A desserter!!
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed (assisted by Teresa Nye).
General Ed announced that there were no birthdays, anniversaries or wachters to draw upon today....but thought that he could still fine some unsuspecting members to respond to his challenges.
PE Heidi, Paul Webb, & Karen Fengler Nichols – Fined $15 each for the actions not taken toward installing a Red Badger today.
Bob Lawrence – was called-on to explain his bold advertising of the Crime Stopper fundraising event. $20.00 for that ad.  Bob had also mentioned Carr’s Restaurant, Lakewood Playhouse during his announcement.  As discussion ensued, Charlie Maxwell offered to pay $10.00 to have the conversation come to an it did.  Bob L-  another $5.00; Charlie - $10.00; John Munn $20.00.
John Munn – stood to offer support to Joyce Loveday’s cause which quickly turned into a “fine fest” with General Ed offering to put up $20 if John would match it.  After listening to John’s story for more than a minute, Charlie Maxwell quickly stood and offered pay $10 if John would just sit down.  It seems that the General’s offer never came to fruition and the final result was $10 from John and $10 from Charlie.
Randy Black - $5.00 for his difference in semantics on water movement.
PE Heidi Fine #2 – showed of a picture of her daughter wearing a first place medal for her performance at a recent Ice Skating Competition.
Jim Hairston – was asked about his recent raffle win and pledged to pay up next week after his trip this coming weekend. Tithe + 10% and the normal nightly fine for his trip.
Karen George – quickly offered $2.00 for drawing a “Joker” during a recent raffle without providing a tithe.
Today’s Program:
Michael McGavock of Tacoma North Rotary was co-speaker today with Carolyn Othieno, a member of the Circle of Friends in Action.  This organization was formed by a group of people from North Tacoma as they gathered over coffee to discuss the lack of education and the need for basic essentials for villages in the vicinity of Tororo, Uganda. 
The presentation centered on the hope and deam of a young girl who made her way out of that environment and came to the US to find a better way of life.  The loss of her job at Washington Mutual in 2009 reawakened her desire to go back to her native Uganda to determine the status of her family and village people.  While there she made a promise to help them in some way.  Out of her desire to help, the group now known as COFIA was formed and has grown through partnerships that have formed to promote the education of children in Rubongi Village (Uganda).
The most recent accomplishment of this group through the help of partners was to install a fresh water well in the area.   For more detailed information about COFIA, visit:
Raffle Drawing:
Karen Fengler Nichols held the winning ticket, but did not draw an Ace.... $5.00 collected.
And Finally...
Research studies can serve an important role in helping to advance human knowledge.  But there are some topics for which a study really is not needed.