Meeting Notes, March 4, 2015
Notes taken by Karen Fengler-Nichols, with editing by Jim Hairston
Meeting called to order by President Sheri Hodson.
Invocation given by Alan Billingsley.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Bryan Christensen.
Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors)
Visiting Rotarian - Jim Sharp from Lakewood Rotary.
Today’s guests - Ellie Carr introduced young Gavin Carr; Alan Billingsley introduced his granddaughter Hazel; General Bill Harrison was accompanied by his caregiver Karen.
Future Programs:
Next week 3/11/2015, Mason Hudson will give his Classification Talk.
Attendance Report - Bonnie Boyle reminded everyone to enter their makeup meetings and events including the Habitat Luncheon that many attended on Tuesday 3/3/15.
Sunshine Report - Karen Fengler Nichols deferred to Sheri who shared that she had heard from Tom McClellan via email that all is well and perhaps a bit antsy to get his therapy going.
Southgate Update - Alan Billingsley reports that there has been 970 RSVPs for the Spaghetti Feed on Wednesday 3/5/15, a huge increase over last year. Ellie is sourcing up more food. Charlie and Ken will assist with parking duty. Other Rotarians requested to assist with dishing up food and helping families with Kids get their food to the tables, etc. Bikes have already been delivered to the school for distribution at the dinner. The book fair has open spots for helpers on Thursday and Friday.
Southgate Theater Update - Jim Hairston has tickets for purchase by donation. Event date is 3/21/15 11am for Rotarians and students families. Any donation for both types of tickets is appreciated.
Other Announcements:
Sheri reminded us of the Spring Break Bag Packing Project at EFN at 12 noon that same day 3/21/15 (3500 bags to be packed!). Other service organizations will be in attendance.
Did anyone notice anything different outside today? Marie Barth did! Our Rotary Meeting Sandwich Board is at the street proudly announcing today’s meeting. Thanks Randy!
Bob Lawrence submitted an Article to The Suburban Times ‘Clover Park Rotary Helps ‘Set the Stage for Success”. It appeared in the 3/2/15 issue. Thank you Bob!
Jim Hairston requested all Past Club Presidents email him a note stating the year of your Presidency and notable events in your year as president. He is recreating a history of our club.
A reminder for the Lakewood Rotary Club of their 45th Annual Sportsman Dinner and Auction. It will be held 4/11/15 at 5:00 pm.
Karen spoke for General Bill, reminding everyone of the Harrison Prep open house on 3/26/15 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.
A question was raised about the welfare of Sue Potter since she has not been at many meetings recently. It was shared that Sue has been very busy with her new job. She did attend the Habitat Luncheon 3/3/15 and plans on being a greeter an upcoming meeting 3/18/15.
2 Truths and a Lie by General Ed:
First a funny delivered with a straight face…he stated he was ‘delighted’ when Joyce told him Rose Sale was called off this year! Many quizzical looks from the audience but….Wishful thinking.
So #1.  His Father, a football hall of famer, was his high school football coach. Ed was third string quarterback and feels this helped in his selection for admission to West Point.
#2.  He got the news 6/25/50 that North Korea had invaded South Korea. On 6/27/50 while working a hay baler he received a telegram that he was to report to West Point 7/3/50. He graduated 6/7/55 with President Eisenhower giving the commencement address. He graduated in the morning and got married to his forever sweetheart in the afternoon.
#3. As a member of the 82nd Airborne he parachuted more than 65 jumps and jumped into 6 countries- England, France, Spain, Honduras, Grenada and Sudan.
The Lie #3 he did not parachute into Grenada but landed at the airstrip.
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Mason and Grant assisting)
Mason dinged $2 for not signing in.
Judge Grant ratted on Dave Cotant for a faux pas. Grant ran into Dave and his wife at a restaurant in Tacoma. As Dave tells it he introduced his wife to them as ‘Teri’. Oops old habits die hard. His wife’s name is ‘Judy’. $2 each and a good chuckle.
Georgene is back from vacation. She went to Hawaii for 2 weeks, attended her daughter’s wedding on the beach then to Depoe Bay for a week. Donation made to Paul Harris and one to the club.
Paul Webb $2 ratted on Randy Black $20 for missing a Habitat lunch he had committed to, to do a presentation at the Kiwanis. Water District Superintendent was to speak but was uncomfortable with the topic so called upon Randy at the last minute. He did give Habitat a donation even though he missed the lunch.
Karen Fengler Nichols and her husband celebrated (sort of) their wedding anniversary 2/29/92, leap day. Technically they’ve had 5 ¾ anniversaries so next year they plan a nice trip away to celebrate the actual day. Rounded up to $25 (from 23) for the actual number of years they celebrate not the anniversaries.
Sheri Hodson $2 for failure to attach her meeting agenda on the first try.
Teresa Nye shared that she has a significant birthday on Friday 3/6 and thought Gen Ed had missed it. He reminded her that he generally brings it up after the fact. So beware Teresa next week he will get you!
Rose Sale Kickoff:
Today’s Program Rose Sale Kickoff led by Joyce Loveday and her committee, Georgene, Jim, Teresa, and Sheri all dressed in Reds and Pinks. Our Club Goal to sell 750 dozen Roses raising $12,000 for club projects.
Charlie Maxwell, Bonnie Boyle, and David Cotant gave 3 perspectives on Rose sales that has helped them to be top sellers. Build relationship, check your networks and see selling as an opportunity to give roses.
Georgene spoke about ideas she learned from Gene Pankey about setting goals, making a list of contacts, check your last years goal and increase it, and be a mentor to a new club member.
Packets were distributed. Six weeks to sell. Sort bouquets April 20. Deliver April 21 and 22.
Raffle Drawing:
Raffle pot equals $250. Marie Barth won the Raffle but did not pick an ace. $5.