Clover Park Rotary Club Meeting July 8, 2015
Notes taken by Karen Fengler-Nichols, editing by Jim H
Prayer - Randy Black.
Pledge of Allegiance - Joyce Oubre.
Visiting Rotarian:  Les Skelly, now of Williamsburg, VA was introduced by David Cotant.
Other Visitors: Georgene Mellom introduced a returning visitor Clarke Thomson of Mountain View Funeral Home and also a prospective member. We also welcomed today’s speakers Dave O’Keeffe and Daniel Nego of Community in Schools Lakewood. Allan Billingsley introduced his wife Debbie celebrating their 37th anniversary today along with granddaughter Hazel and grandson Gavin.
Future Programs:
July 15 - Del Livingston, Friendly Water for the World
July 22 - Leanne Noren, Pierce County Project Access, Health Insurance Program
Upcoming Events:
Courage Classic Bicycle Tour, August 1-3. Ellie Carr reported that Clover Park Rotary will man a refreshment station on Monday August 3. David Cotant shared that in the past volunteers have spent Sunday evening in Leavenworth and enjoyed the festivities. A sign-up sheet was circulated for those interested in participating.
A Pint for Polio 8th Annual Brew Fest July 18th at Greg Horn’s water ski lake near Orting. Joyce Loveday has tickets and encouraged everyone to attend this fun event.
Partners for Parks – will host a Lake Summer Lawn Party at Waughop Lake on July 25th.  Another fun event to raise money for park improvements.
Also on July 25th, Tom Faubion hosts a Farm Picnic at his place.
David Cotant was called to the podium to receive a special Paul Harris award. But alas this award is for Bob Lawrence in recognition of his 4th Paul Harris.
Induction ceremony for new family and corporate members:
Jeannie Hill; Chris Carr and Jenny Goodin. These special people are very acquainted with our club and near and dear to our hearts- Jeannie Hill sponsor Alice Peeples, family membership; Chris Carr and Jenny Goodin sponsor Ellie Carr, corporate membership.
With a policy change Jeannie is moving from an honorary membership to a family membership with more club perks, participation and recognition. She is excited to be part of this change. She now becomes a third generation Rotarian and is a skilled flutist with the Northwest Symphony and the NW Flute Collegium.
Chris Carr is a restaurant owner of Carr’s Restaurant with his wife and Rotarian Ellie Carr. Chris expressed how much he loves his community and how connected he feels with Rotary and the works they do.
Jenny Goodin is the Carr’s Restaurant manager. She has worked ay Carr’s for 7 years, has 3 cats who are her “kids” and is newly engaged. Congratulations Jenny, welcome to Rotary!
Along with the new Rotarians we all recited the 4 Way Test expressing our commitment to the ideals of the club.
Today’s Presidents Moment… 3 Questions?
Q.1. What is significant about the upcoming election on Aug 5th.
A.1. West Pierce Fire and Rescue M&O Levy vote AND CP Rotarian Marie Barth re-election vote.
Q.2. What was the first Rotarian community service project?
A.2.  A comfort station/restroom.
Q.3. Who is the current RI President?
A.3.  K.R. Ravindran of Sri Lanka.
Fun and Fines with Gen Ed: (Jeannie to collect fines and Jenny on the microphone).
First up- collect IOU’s. Judge Blinn was called on the spot for being 5 weeks in arears. He was asked about the counties payment plan for fines and what the club should do for him. He has the money today. $10 plus $5 for having to leave today’s meeting 5 minutes early.
Birthdays:  Ellie Carr and Tom Faubion. New member Jenny led us in song.
Anniversaries: Bob Lawrence is celebrating 44 seasons or 11 years. Donation $50 for the club and $50 for his Paul Harris. Allan Billingsley is celebrating 37 yrs with his wife, Debbie. Donation $50 for his Paul Harris.
Joyce Loveday ratted ($2) on Randy Black. She received a flyer in the mail with his picture in it. He is the newly elected president of the PNW section of the Water Works Association. He also missed the induction dinner. Fine $50 plus $2 for good measure since he is a ‘big man in a new position’ albeit an unpaid position.
Tim Plante ratted ($2) on Mason for a trip to Las Vegas. Mason says he does not gamble. The fine, 3 days x $5 = $20 (Gen Ed’s math) plus $2 for not signing in.
David Cotant took a trip in July to Judy’s parents’ home on Guemes Island. Judy’s niece, a dental hygiene student along with her friends were also there (hot days, young people, bikinis, 7 tents etc.). Fun times! What’s that worth fine wise?  David still has a fine outstanding for $40 from last week so this week 7 tents = $7.
Georgene Mellom ratted ($2) on Joyce Oubre for missing the Induction dinner. Joyce had good reason, a passing in the family. Georgene felt bad and offered to pay more for her miss step. Our condolences to Joyce.
Joyce Loveday ratted ($2) on Sheri Hodson for a trip. Sheri took a Road Trip with her parents to Green Bay WI, 10 days, 2200 miles. Shei offered $75 as payment for her fine.
Today’s Program:  Community in Schools Lakewood (Speakers David O’Keefe and Daniel Nego)
David shared with us their mission to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. They are involved at 5 schools in our community- Lochburn Middle School, Tillicum Elementary, Tyee Park Elementary, Oakwood Elementary and next year Four Hero’s Elementary. Their goal is to improve Attendance, Learning, Behavior and Graduation Rates.
Empowering kids is their biggest goal. As Daniel says, “helping kids believe in themselves ‘no exceptions no excuses”. They expressed gratitude for Clover Park Rotary’s commitment to kids in the community with the move to support Tyee Park and Lochburn now that Southgate school has closed.
Raffle - $800 plus in the pot. Still 4 Aces available. Winner was Mason Hudson, but he did not draw an Ace, so $5 winnings.