Clover Park Rotary Meeting Notes, July 15, 2015
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Meeting called to order by President Joyce Loveday.
Invocation given by Jeannie Hill.
Pledge of Allegiance led by Bryan Christensen.
Visiting Rotarians:
Catherine Hamil from Parkland Spanaway; Joseph Hamil from Parkland-Spanaway Rotary.
Today’s Guests:
Paulina Adams hosted by Bonnie Boyle; Bruce Barth back for a surprise visit to Marie Barth for their 47th anniversary; Clark Thomson visited as a guest of Georgene Mellom.
Future Programs:
7/22/2015 – “Pierce County Project Access” 
7/29/2015 – Mike Johnson, Executive Director for Tacoma Rescue Mission, “The Role of Community in Causing and Ending Homelessness”.
8/5/2015 – Shelley McClellan and Paul Means, “Guatemala Stoves”
Attendance Report - Nothing to report today.
Sunshine ReportNo report today
Heidi Wachter provided us with an overview of the upcoming Courage Classic Bicycle Ride. Reading a news article from 2011, she informed all present that this event was created as a fundraising ride to support the Rotary Endowment for the Intervention and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. This endowment ensures that the children in our communities and their families will never be turned away from the help they might need in the case of sexual or physical abuse. This year marks the 24th anniversary of the event and the Endowment Fund is worth $7 million.
MultiCare Health system and many other clubs have become great sponsors for this event.  Please come out and support the team members who will participate. You can also help through donations and or volunteering.
Jim Hairston – announced that our application for a District Community Grant is approved.  We made a commitment to provide $7,000.00 to the Emergency Food Network for the Backpack and Break Bag Program support in the local community over the next school year.
President Joyce announced the upcoming Board meeting on Friday July 17th.  She invited our newest Rotarians and anyone else interested to attend.
The Brew Fest is scheduled for July 18, 2-6 pm.
The Waughop Lake fest scheduled for July 25th is postponed.  We will provide an update when we have info.
An index card was distributed to all members, requesting they write down 3 points of information about themselves that they think others might not know.
Test your Knowledge:
Q.1. When was the City of Lakewood Incorporated?
A.1. 1996
Q.2. What member of the Seattle Seahawks came from Lakewood?  What is position on the team?  Which High School did he attend?  Which University?
A2. Jerome Kearse; Wide Receiver; Lakes High School; University of Washington.
Q.3. What city and state is the location for Rotary International?
A.3. Evanston, Illinois
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed: (Jenny Goodin and Karen George assisting)
The opening move was to collect on IOU’s from President Joyce (2), Bryan Christensen (1) and Teresa Nye.
Gen Bill Harrison is celebrating his 82nd birthday.  A hearty rendition (in key and harmony) of the birthday song was led by Jenny Goodin.
Our most “inkable” member this year, Marie Barth, was cited for a “helluva good write-up” in the TNT related to her campaigning for City Council.  Her offer of $5 was questioned by Gen Ed, and subsequently increased to $100 by her surprise visitor Bruce Barth.
Ken Sharp took a trip to see family in Wisconsin recently - $50.
Heidi Wachter confessed to a “real vacation with kids” which led to travels to Colorado, Georgia and Florida.  The white sand beaches were beautiful - $152 offered for the trip and previous unpaid IOU’s.
Fred Willis displayed his Courage Classic T-shirt (circa 1995) and made testament to the true spirit and value of Rotary’s participation in the Courage Classic.  He donated $20 toward the Classic and $20 toward polio plus.
Deidre ratted on Tim Plant for his participation in the Lacey to Lakewood Triathlon.  Deidra paid $2 and Tim donated $20.
Deidre ratted on Mason Hudson for what turned out to be a trip to emergency room care for a sprained ankle. Deidre $2 and Mason was not fined after declaring the facts.
Today’s Program:
The Rotary Club of Parkland-Spanaway making is seeking a psrtnership or support assistance for a School in Poroko Kenya.  The school is a habitat for abandoned children with disabilities who are considered a disgrace by their families.   This school was discovered by Parkland-Spanaway Rotarian Del Livingston, while working on a Rotary water project in Kenya.  So far, the club has raised approximately $2,900.00 and is looking for an additional $4,700 to help purchase supplies, beds, mattresses, paint, a water tank platform and other supplies.  Anyone desiring further information can contact Del Livingston or any member of the Parkland-Spanaway Rotary Club.
Raffle Drawing:
Raffle pot $850+. Paul Webb won the raffle but did not pick an ace. $5 consolation.