The State of the School District
Meeting Notes recorded by Dee Ebsen
Edited by Tom McClellan
The Meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by President Joyce Loveday. The Invocation was given by Tom McClellan and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Karen Fengler Nichols.  All members joined in the Rotary 4-Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians were introduced and welcomed by Charlie Maxwell.  We were happy to greet Debbie Lebeau and Kim Prentice, both from Lakewood Rotary.   
Visitors of Rotarians were introduced:  Today we were blessed with the presence of Marie Barth’s best friend (and also a best friend of Clover Park Rotary, Bruce Barth…..welcome Bruce!)
Future Programs were reviewed by Tom McClellan.  Tom reminded us that next week (1-27-16) will be special with the visit of District Governor Rose Bowman and her husband Leon.  Everyone, please make every attempt to attend as this is one of the most important meetings of the year and Board Members be sure to plan on staying an extra hour after the meeting for a special Board Meeting with DG Bowman.   Following on 2-3-16 we will receive information from Brian Culpepper regarding Work Source of Pierce County, on 2-10-16 we will receive tips and great information from Michael Bowman and Victoria Clark who are involved in the Teaching of Interior Decorating  Classes at CPTC, and last on 2-17-16 we will have an informative lesson from John Unfred on the topic of “Surviving an Active Shooter Situation”.
Other Announcements:
Karen George had nothing to report for the Sunshine report today so that is good news.  She did ask everyone to keep the family of Larry Saunders in their prayers as they deal with the loss of their best friend, husband, father and grandfather.  The memorial for Larry at JBLM was attended by more than 600 people and was very beautiful and clearly honored a great community and country leader.  Karen does continue to keep in touch with Sally.   
Joyce Loveday reminded us of the Thursday, 2-11-16 Fireside at Alice Peeples' home.  There will be beautiful music (Beatles and other great classics) along with good food (Lasagna and Salad) and old-fashioned Rotary Fellowship.  Please make every attempt to come (more information including time, address and directions will be sent later) and get to know your fellow Rotarians a little better.   Please feel free to bring a dessert, wine, or some other appropriate side dish to share with the group.
Joyce also reminded everyone about DLTA in Victoria on April 1-3, 2016 and District Conference June 24-25, 2016.   
Induction of John Unfred was postponed until next week (1-27-16).
Joyce Loveday presented the club with questions designed to “Test Your Knowledge” and an update of our “membership goals” for 2015-16.   So far, we are on track in three of the four areas.
FUN & FINES – General Ed Trobaugh assisted by “New Red Badger” Ann Winters and Tom McClellan 
Ed first took care of old business by addressing Wachters from Karen George, Sheri Hodson, Teresa Nye, and, appropriately, Heidi Wachter.  Ed was successful in collecting two of the four….to be continued next week………..
Current Fines Collected:              
Georgene Mellom   - Birthday                                Appropriate Amount for a Lady  
Georgene Mellom   - Sale of Steilacoom Home         $250 to Foundation
Marie Barth           - Assisted Georgene with sale    $50
Charlie Maxwell     - Old Old Old $2 Wachter           Paid $5 to include Waste Mgmt Merger Announcement
Ed Trobaugh          - Trip to Florida/Reunion            $50
Jim Hairston         - 10 Day Hawaiian Vacation        $100
Clarke Thompson   - Los Angeles Vacation              $50
Joyce Loveday       - Unintentional Rat on R’tarian   $2
Tom Faubion          - Relocation to new “Digs”        $ TBD once closed_                                                                                                                  5316 Orchard, UP
Today's Program: Debbie Lebeau, State of the Clover Park School District assisted by Kim Prentice.
Debbie began her presentation by thanking Rotary Club of Clover Park for all the support given to the District throughout the years including the adoption of Southgate Elementary and the willingness to now share that same kind of charity with Tyee Elementary School. 
Debbie shared the goals and emphasis for next five years.  COMMUNICATION & COMMUNITY
Initial results in this area are access to better communication through Smart Phone App andImplementation of Parent-Conferences located on site with parents at Apartment Complexes.
Highlights of Other Successes this past year:
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • New early learning program (Headstart and ECEAP) at old Southgate Site
  • School Social Work of the Year – Sydna Sakomoto
  • Taj Jensen – 2015 State Elementary School Principal of the Year
  • Community Perception Survey seeking 400 responses (every 2 years)
  • Lakes High School 3rd Place in 3A Football
  • DUDEA Grant – 1.5 million
  • American Heart Association Fit Friendly Worksite
  • Active Participation with faculty in College Bound Scholarship Program (must be signed up prior to 8th grade)
  • SAT Scores in reading, writing and math are UP
  • More AP Exams, 3508 college credits earned by students via 55 courses
  • 538 students are in CTE (career & tech education a program of 360 hours) which leads greater chances of graduation for some students
  • Increases in National Board Certified Teachers
  • Seven schools recognized & received “Schools of Distinction” Award
  • New on-line food service payments for parents to use
  • Continuing fiscal stability
Debbie provided the Club with 2015-16 Report to the Community and a Review of the February 9, 2016 Special Election for Educational Programs and Operations.  She emphasized this is not a new tax; instead, it is a replacement for the current expiring levy.   She urged us to review the information card she left on our table and how the Clover Park levy dollar will be put to work with 80% to Support Classrooms, 10% to support Technology, 5% to support maintenance and operations and 5% to support safety and security.
The weekly drawing was completed with Paul Webb holding the lucky raffle ticket, however, he did not draw the lucky “Ace” so walked away with $5.  He may not have won the big pot, but he surely seems to have enjoyed the experience.
Meeting Adjourned at 1:30