Meeting Notes, February 25, 2015

Notes taken by Bonnie Kern, with editing by Tom McClellan

Meeting called to order by President Sheri Hodson
David Cotant provided the invocation
Mason Hudson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Special guests: (visiting Rotarians and visitors) 
Grant Blinn introduced our visiting Rotarians – Bill Young and Rose Stevens, both from the Lakewood Rotary Club
Fred Willis introduced his wife, Ingrid; General Bill Harrison introduced his caregiver Karen, and Ellie Carr introduced her son Gavin.
Sunshine report:  Karen Fengler-Nichols reported that Tom McClellan’s hip replacement surgery has been re-scheduled to March 2 (see note below).  Marilee’s grandson is back in school and doing well and Alice Peeples is healthy again and was at the meeting.
Attendance: Bonnie Boyle – last month’s attendance at 82%.  Thanks for turning in your make-ups.
Upcoming events and/or commitments for our club:
Ellie Carr reported the Spaghetti Feed, Literacy Night, and Book Fair will be held on March 5.  The book fair will run all of next week, so if you can help, and weren’t at the meeting to sign up, please contact Ellie, Alan Billingsley or President Sheri.  The food for the spaghetti feed has been donated by Chris and Ellie Carr and Joyce Oubre.   
There are 600 Southgate students and they and their families are all invited for a free meal, so we need all hands on deck to make this a success.  Please plan to arrive by 4:45 if possible as the event begins at 5:00.  If you can’t get there by 5:00, please come anyway – there will be plenty of work for all of us.
David Cotant is selling blue Rotary aprons for the event.  They are $25.00 and will be available next week.
John Munn announced that this will be the last year we will be working with Southgate in this theater project.  The performance of this year’s play will be on March 21.  The 11:00 a.m. performance will be for Rotarians and families and the 2:00 performance will be for Southgate families.   Headsets will be available for those who need help to hear the performance. We will be getting busses together to transport students to the theater and will be putting together food for the students.
Bob Lawrence reminded us that this year’s Art Fest will be held on May 2-3 at Pierce College, which will feature international art, art from Pierce College students and Lakewood School District students.
District Leadership training will be held in Centralia on March 28-29.   Please contact Joyce Loveday if you would like to attend.
Bill Young, Lakewood Rotary, announced that Lakewood Rotary is having their 45th Sportsman Dinner and Auction.  It will be held on April 11 at the McGavick center at Clover Park Technical College.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Bill or any other Lakewood Rotarian.  The cost for the dinner is $75.00/person.
Bill Harrison reminded everyone of the grand opening of Harrison Prep on March 26 between 4:00 – 5:00 pm.
President Sheri presented Helen McGovern-Pilant a check for $500.00 to cover the Spring Break Bag lunch program through Emergency Food Network.
Two truths and a lie:  Bonnie Kern shared the following:
  1. She played on her high school basketball team in her senior year her team was the first from her high school to make it to the state tourney.
  2. She received the Betty Crocker award and scholarship as a high school senior and graduated as a home economics teacher from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
  3. She earned her private pilot license in 1975 and as part of the process made her first solo flight to the Hoquim airport.
Bonnie proved to a good story teller, and only two club members guess correctly that #1 was the fib.
Memorable fines and stories with General Ed, supported by Mason Hudson and Grant Blinn
General Ed received a check from Marilee Johnson for her birthday.
Judge Blinn attended another Rotary club when he was on vacation with his family in Kehei, HI.  In Grant’s absence, the city attorney, Heidi Wachter, ratted on Blinn’s implementation of a new program to save the city money with video arraignments.  He paid $50.00 for the 8 days in HI.
Helen McGovern-Pilant spent 4 days in Palm Springs for which she paid $25.00.  She was not accompanied by Ed Trobaugh on this trip.
Jeannie Hill and Marie Barth each celebrated birthdays, with the appropriate donation.  Judge Blinn led us in what might have been our all time worst rendition of Happy Birthday.
John Munn’s ink in the Suburban Times cost him $10.00.  The current play – The Miracle Worker – is fantastic and runs to March 11.
Bill Young and Rose Stevens, who was attending her first Clover Park Rotary meeting, contributed $2.00 each so that they would feel part of the meeting.
Jeannie Hill completed a recent set of concerts as part of the orchestra for which she paid $5.00. 
Today’s speaker: Fellow Rotarian, Fred Willis, gave a classification talk and discussed the book he published. 
Drawing:  Brian Christensen pulled a non-ace and won $5.00.
Ed. Note from Tom McClellan: My surgery will be Monday morning at St. Clare Hospital, courtesy of former CP Rotarian Steve Teeney, whose work has been demonstrated on several other members of our club.  I'll be missing one or two meetings as I recuperate, and Jim Hairston will cover newsletter editing duties for a while. 
Hopefully my results will go better than this:
I am told that I will be restricted from driving for 4-6 weeks, but that after 3 months I will be able to play golf.  If that's really true, then this will be miraculous surgery, given my prior level of ability in that area.