Nurses are great!  And our Zoom hybrid capabilities are getting better!
Notes from the Sep. 8 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
edited by Tom McClellan
President Teresa Nye welcomed our Zoomers and our “In-Personators” to another great weekly meeting of the fun Rotary Club in the City of Lakewood.  She thanked our setup crew of David Cotant and Tom Faubion, our Zoom director Mike Killen, and our Zoom hostess Sue Potter (operating from a secure undisclosed location).  Hybrid meetings are not as much fun as having everyone together, but we’ll brute force it to make things happen!
[ed. note: The Zoom tech is working a whole lot better than when the hybrid project started.  Kudos Mike and Sue.  Here is what the setup looks like.  I don't know how any of it works.]
Jeannie Hill welcomed everyone with a couple of inspirational quotes:
“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  - - President John F. Kennedy
“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and, most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”  - - Soccer star “Pele”.
Bob Lawrence led us in a salute to the flag.  Jim Hairston led us all in the 4-Way Test. 
There was no sunshine to report this week, although our Ministrix of Sunshine Jeannie Hill will be out next week as her partner John will be having hernia surgery.  There were no visiting Rotarians, but we did welcome Fred Willis’s guests Alec Willis, who was our guest speaker, and wife Ingrid Willis.
President’s Minute:
Teresa just got back from dropping off son Patrick at school in Florida, a trip which also included side forays to Key West just for fun, and the Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia.  Along the way, she and husband Chris reconnected with a married couple who are old Army friends and Teresa found out that the wife is also currently the president of a Rotary Club just as Teresa is.  Now back home, Teresa is about to go bake her first batch of care package cookies to send to Florida.  Brand new freshman Patrick arrived at school and met the other players on the lacrosse team, noting that they are all a lot muscular than he is. 
Bob Lawrence noted that the Lakewood Playhouse is doing its “radio play” this weekend, a gothic vampire horror story, CARMILLA, based on ​the novella by Sheridan Le Fanu.  It being “radio”, there will be no actual fangs, but the listener gets to imagine them which may be scarier.  Shows Friday, 7PM, Saturday, 7PM and Sunday 1PM.  $20.
Jim Hairston provided an update on the Golf Tournament, which has raised $14,171 thus far.  There are 81 golfers registered, and 19 sponsors.  Still room for more.
Becky Newton noted that there will be a 9/11 commemoration at City Hall, 1230 PM on Sep. 10. There will also be a separate commemoration by West Pierce Fire and Rescue on Saturday, Sep. 11, 0900 at the fire HQ in University Place, 3631 Drexler Drive. 
The City of Lakewood will hold a celebration of its 25th anniversary on Sep. 18 from 2PM to 8:30PM at the Colonial Plaza.  Come by the event after our club’s golf tournament to have a bite to eat, have something to drink, share your favorite Lakewood stories, enjoy live entertainment, rub elbows with City leaders and VIP guests, and celebrate with your community as we honor this milestone.
Future Programs:
Sep. 15   Tom Faubion   Western States Trails Association
Sep. 22   Emily Butler      Western Pond Turtle Restoration
Sep. 29   Cheryl Keely     Covid Update from Pierce County Health Dept
Fun And Fines:
Ed Trobaugh was out again this week, enjoying a family reunion celebration with large NUMBERS of family members who came from many numerical MILES away to join together.  This will assuredly be a point of NUMERICAL DISCUSSION at some future meeting, some NUMBER of days from now.
Bob Lawrence (who with a physics degree and an MBA does not have Ed’s noteworthy math skills) served ably as finemaster.  He turned immediately to the low-hanging fruit of President Teresa’s recent trip to the American Southeast, which did not involve experiencing any hurricanes.  She ‘fessed to 12 days away, asserted to be worth $100, AND!!! she brought actual cash money with her to cover that plus her accumulated $30 Wachter for unnamed past crimes.  Will wonders never cease?!!!
Randy Black confessed to attending his grandson’s 2nd  birthday party, with a dinosaur theme.  $20.
David Cotant confessed to a future crime, which is itself a dangerous precedent.  Hopefully soon he and Judy will cruise to Alaska with 3 other couples, pending CV-19 tests.
Fred Willis stood to proclaim his pride in both of his twin grandsons, Alec who was to be our guest speaker, and Jacob who finally just got a job.  Alec stepped up and paid $20 for his twin brother.  And Fred confessed to having turned 90 years old the day before, a number that he rounded up to 100, just because it does not matter for purposes of calculating fines.  
Finemaster pro tem Bob Lawrence concluded by fining himself for a 10-day road trip with wife Judy to visit his son in Fresno, his sister in Casa Grande, Arizona, his grandsons in San Marcos, CA, and a wedding in San Francisco. The bonus part of all of this for Bob was the 3,640 miles spent driving with Judy and benefiting from her company.
This Week’s Program
Fred Willis stood up to introduce his grandson Alec Willis, R.N., of whom Fred and Ingrid are both very proud.  Alec replied by noting that his own career as a nurse would not have been possible without the support of Fred and Ingrid.
Alec came to talk about his job as manager of a “high-acuity” long term care facility in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.  Alec was first exposed to the medical field in high school, doing an internship in the ER at St. Joseph Hospital in Tacoma.  After high school, Alec earned his Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification and did home care work for 5 years while earning his Registered Nurse (R.N.) certification. 
Along the way he became interested in homeless outreach and advocacy work.  His early experience was in med-surg and psychiatric/mental-health. 
Long term care (LTC) involves a lot of mental health care, especially for dementia patients.  He now runs a high-acuity (i.e. difficult medical conditions) LTC facility.  LTC can be done at home, or in an institution with varying levels of care.  LTC is best done in one spot, so that the patient does not have to be moved around to access care.
Nurses in LTC get to know the patients, and thus know what is normal and what is a new development.  This can be difficult because of high patient-to-nurse ratios.  In a med-surg ward at a hospital, it can be 5-1 patients to nurses.  In LTC, it can be 30-1 or higher. 
Medical providers come into the facility regularly.  The staff also brings in musicians, and dogs who interact with the patients to great effect.  LTC is not always elderly.  Anyone who needs 24H care is in LTC, including pediatric cancer patients, those with progressive illnesses, and even hospice care.  Sometimes patients can graduate from LTC.
LTC is growing, because better medical care means that patients live longer, and thus need more end of life services at a later age.  Telehealth is a great boon to LTC, because it is quick to access, with not transportation component, and no infection risk. 
There is a “silver wave” coming due to aging Baby Boomers who are entering the prime age range.  CV19 means that it is more difficult to access acute care resources.  Hospitals are full.  Staffing problems at hospitals trickle downhill to mean staffing problems at LTC facilities.  Burnout is a big problem.
A new WA state law is going into effect January 2022, mandating payroll withholding of 0.58% for long term care coverage.  It will offer up to $36,000 in lifetime benefit for long term care, but only after employees are vested for 10 years.  Payments can only be made for care undertaken in WA state.  Workers can get exemption if they have private LTC plans established before November 1, which is becoming more difficult because this new state program is causing many insurers to pull out of offering coverage.
Fred Willis stood up at the end of the presentation to reiterate his pride in grandson Alec.
With $204 in the pot, 1 Ace and 1 Joker in the deck, Teresa Nye had the winning ticket, but no luck in drawing a magic card.

And Finally…
Here is to hardworking nurses everywhere.