Posted by Tom McClellan on Oct 05, 2017
Fall is here, Alice is back, Georgene is back too.  And the City of Lakewood wants to check out your apartment.
Rotary Meeting Notes October 4, 2017
Recorded by Joyce Loveday, edited by Tom McClellan
Invocation – Alice Peeples. Pledge of Alegiance – Rick Ring.  Rotary 4-way test – Club president Bryan Christensen.
There were no visiting Rotarians, but other visitors included:
  • Janice Jangard – Guest of Alice Peeples
  • Riley Wyatt – District executive for Boy Scouts of America
  • Janne Hutchins – Executive director of LASA (Living Access Support Alliance)
  • Ingrid Willis – Guest and lovely wife of Fred Willis
  • Jeff Gumm and Heather Holverstott – City of Lakewood and Guest speakers
  • Gavin Carr – of the Clover Park Rotary Club’s organic membership growth program
Sunshine Report
President Bryan expressed our pleasure at having Alice Peeples back among us.
Anne Winters is no longer has a sling, but is going to physical therapy to expand arm movement. 
Karen Fengler-Nichols and Anne Winters thanked club members for the donations made to the Emergency Food Network in honor of their mother (in lieu of flowers), as she would have liked that. Karen and Anne also gave a quilt handmade by their mother to Ellie for her new baby (due any day).
Tom McClellan identified the great club programs coming up:
Oct. 11 – David O’Keeffe, Communities In Schools
Oct. 18 – Sue Dreier, CEO of Pierce Transit
Oct. 25 – Colonel Gregor Leist, Commander of the Western Air Defense Sector
Joyce Oubre announced that West Pierce Fire and Rescue has contacted her regarding our club’s interest in partnering with them again this year in Christmas giving and shopping activities.  We’ll be hearing more from Joyce as plans progress.
Joyce Loveday expressed appreciation for the club’s recent financial contribution to LASA.
Due to the timing of the contribution, Clover Park Rotary received some public recognition for the support.  LASA’s first Murder Mystery dinner is scheduled for Friday, October 13, 6:00 p.m. at the Clover Park Rotunda.  An ad in Sunday’s paper included our Rotary club as one of the sponsors and thanked us for our support.
President Bryan invited Janne Hutchins to the front and presented her with a $500 check to support the work of LASA in our community.
Sydna Koontz thanked the club for the $1000 annual contribution to Partner for Parks and reminded members that the second annual Walk the Waughop event is scheduled for October 15, 2017, at the Fort Steilacoom Park in Lakewood. If you’d like to sponsor the event, you’ll receive a new Partners for Parks grocery bag you can use for years to come.
Georgene Mellom announced a club progressive dinner that will be held Friday, October 13, at the homes of Bill Harrison and Karen George, Sydna Koontz, and Georgene Mellom. The event begins at 6:00 p.m. and participants are asked to bring your beverage of choice. Appetizers, dinner, and dessert will be provided.  Contact Sydna to RSVP.
Heidi Wachter provided a final “pre-show” announcement about Thursday’s theater fundraiser.  It will be a great evening of food, fellowship, and an outstanding performance of Wait Until Dark, featuring our own John Munn as a central character of the play.
Dave Cotant thanked those that helped clean up the back patio of the Lakewood Playhouse and asked for volunteers to help set up (Thursday) and tear down (Friday) for tomorrow’s event. 
Bryan sent around a sign-up sheet to get the names of those able to participate in the service project to plant trees around Waughop Lake on Saturday, October 28.
Fun and Fines
After identifying several wachters collected today, General Ed recognized Alice Peeples for her 30th anniversary of being a Rotarian – $30 collected for 30 years in Rotary.
Anne and James Winters celebrated their 26th anniversary on Sept 23 (Wachter).
Tom and Barbie Faubion also celebrated an anniversary – 44 years (a milestone that Tom noted represents a REALLY LONG time).
To properly celebrate Bob Lawrence’s birthday, Becky Newton (not Dave Hall) led us in singing Happy Birthday to Bob.
Clover Park Technical College was in news for the Kickoff celebration of their 75th anniversary of providing career-based education - $20 from Joyce Loveday.
John Munn ratted on Marie Barth for an article about her business - $20
General Ed questioned Heidi Wachter for taking possession of wine coming into Carr’s prior to today’s meeting.  Heidi assured members that the activities are completely sanctioned by the club and restaurant and that we now have sufficient libation for tomorrow night’s activities. Realizing General Ed had caught her on this, she agreed to pay (in the form of a wachter) $1 for every bottle of wine contributed today (19 bottles rounded up to $20).  Dave Hall quickly offered to pay the fine so Heidi wouldn’t have to give a “Wachter wachter.”
Georgene Mellom was back with us after a month-long trip that took her to France, Spain, and Portugal. $100 to the Theater Benefit or general fund, wherever it’s needed most.
This Week’s Program
Jeff Gumm and Heather Holverstott from the City of Lakewood were our guests today to talk about the controversial program Rental Housing Safety Program that was first discussed in 2015 at a council retreat.  52% of property in Lakewood is rental housing, and the driving force behind Ordinance 644 is protecting public health, safety, and welfare of Lakewood residents by encouraging the proper maintenance of residential rental housing. 
A total of 700 units will be randomly selected for inspection per year; then every 5 years after the first inspection, rentals will be inspected again.  There is an annual licensing process, and checklists are available on line.  Check lists are pass/fail.  The annual fee was set low at $12 per unit, so as to not add a financial burden to the renter. The purpose is not to bring the property up to today’s building code, but rather to assure a basic standard of safety. More information is available at
Raffle Drawing: Georgene held the lucky ticket but didn’t draw an ace ($5.00)
And Finally…
With summer now officially over, it is appropriate to ponder Time Magazine’s 2015 question about “Who Killed Summer Vacation?”  And as we ponder that question, perhaps the editors at Time might want to look in the mirror.