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Welcome Back John Unfred, plus "It's The Water" (And a lot more!)

Clover Park Rotary 

Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2018

Recorder: Sydna Koontz; Editor: Dave Hall


President Heidi Wachter called the meeting to order at 12:29pm!  She thanked Sydna Koontz for taking notes and Jeannie Hill for greeting members and guests.

Lisa Blevins led the membership in the flag salute.  After attempts to find her blue glasses, Alice Peeples gave the invocation.


We recited the Rotary Vision for 2018-2019:  Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. 


No visiting Rotarians.  Tom McClellan introduced guests Dr. Zhenyu Tian, our speaker today and Paul Bucich, Public Works Engineering Director for City of Lakewood.  Fred Willis (with assistance from John Munn) introduced his wife Ingrid. (Note: The Club has formally changed Ingrid Willis' status from "Guest" to  "Member of our Rotary Family"!) 


Jeannie Hill provided a Sunshine Report: She asked that we keep these people in our prayers:  Former Rotarian, Daidre West’s husband, passed away on Saturday.  Daidre works at St. Clare Hospital.  Our newest Rotarian, Renee Hanna’s oldest daughter had a significant concussion.  She is improving every day.


This week’s President’s Excellence Award goes to John Unfred who on a more national scene was recognized for his two weeks deployed to North Carolina as part of an Incident Management Team, helping folks in the wake of Hurricane Florence. Apparently he was given a GPS but not to help him find his way, but to enable his team to find him!



President Heidi read a thank you letter to Clover Park Rotary for their support of the very successful Lakewood Arts Festival held this last week.  This festival has grown through the years to include juried arts (this year $1800 was awarded), over 40 authors participated, eight films, and a Bruce Willis harmonica was auctioned for $1200.  Joyce Loveday acknowledged a number of Rotarians who supported the event - General Ed Trobaugh, Bob Lawrence,  and Lakewood Councilmember Marie Barth.  It was Joyce's first year attending and she was very impressed with the crowd, outstanding art and organization.


President Heidi spoke to President’s Council Youth Protection Report.  October is World Polio month:  There are 17 cases world wide (Afghanistan and Pakistan).  In order to be polio free there needs to be three years without a case.

November is Foundation month, President Heidi reminded the membership.


Board Committee Reports:           

 Membership:  Paul Webb said they are still "shaking bushes" to recruit new members.

 Public Image: Dave Hall indicated his committee is profiling new members in the Suburban Times.  A headshot is needed from Renee Hanna. (Editor's Note: Got it! )  He will be doing interviews of other "Red Badgers" in the coming weeks, to include Lisa Blevins and Katelyn Billingsley.  Future features will include profiles of long time members; Marie Barth was nominated to go first! (Please let Dave Hall know if you consent to being interviewed, Marie...He'll pay your fine for getting "ink"!)

 Leadership Nominations: Tom Faubion has agreed to chair this committee.  Other members include Sheri Hodson, Ellie Carr, John Munn and President Heidi.

Upcoming Events:

October 12 will be the Tacoma South Rotary Club's  Annual Mini Golf Tournament/Auction/Dinner at Harkness Furniture.  Check with Ellie if you are interested in joining the Clover Park Rotary team.




Oct. 10- Robert Doane and Tom Taylor from the Accupuncture & Wellness Center, to discuss Traditional Chinese Medicine

Oct. 17- Club Assembly

Oct. 24- World Polio Day, Daniel Strickland from Gates Foundation

Extra Fellowship Hours - Thursday, Oct. 25 (location TBA); President Heidi noted that due to the upcoming Holiday Season, she won't be scheduling Fellowship evenings in either November or December.

Our Lakewood Rotary Partners have invited us Clover Park Rotarians to their holiday party on December 7 at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club.  No dancing this year - Magician instead! (Apparently his first trick was to make the DJ disappear?)

Last week’s Fellowship event was our annual Theater Benefit at Lakewood Playhouse. Although this year's turnout was a bit smaller, everyone who attended raved about "Brighton Beach Memoirs" as an amazing performance!  It was beautiful fall evening.  

Speaking of club fundraisers, President Heidi mentioned the impending demise of our Rose Sale. Discussion is underway regarding whether we will hold a wake in its memory.

President Heidi offered for anyone to speak to their Rotary Moment; since no one volunteered; General Ed had lots of time to raise money!  



Red Badge Wearers Lisa Blevins passed the microphone and Renee Hanna collected fines.


John Unfred was welcomed back and wondered if anyone could remember why there was a Wachter with his name on it.  Marie Barth volunteered that John bailed at the last minute at the golf tourney. John protested this version of events, but to no avail. Jim Hairston tried to help, but could only ante up $2 for being late.  John forked over a down payment for his fine.


Fred Willis’s Wachter concerned his birthday last week which was spent in Berlin with a veteran’s group for the 75th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.  $100


 Tom Faubion pulled off a brilliant move, walking over to refill his coffee cup just when General Ed brought up Tom's Wedding Anniversary with Barbie.  This maneuver meant that Tom was standing during his customary eloquent response! (Well-Played, Counselor!)  Tom related that during his and his bride's road trip, Barbie commented about their 45 years together.  Tom won points by correctly pointing out that they'd been married for 46! No specific dollar amount was spoken, but Tom handed over a check. 


General Ed asked Sydna if she wanted to "rat on a Rotarian".  She indicated that it wasn't a rat, but rather an opportunity for Karen George to account for her absence last week.  Karen attended a workshop in Longview on Communities in Crisis through her classes on Homeland Security Program.  Three speakers - two from Australia and one from England spoke on attacks in their countries.  Very informative.  Highlight was Karen met Queen Elizabeth II by proxy!  Question was asked if she would be now be "packing heat"?  Karen's response: "Maybe..."  $20


Teresa Nye attended the Rascal Flatts concert at the Puyallu Fair, thanks to the generosity of Marie Barth, who came down ill. Great seats, great concert. $5


Sheri Hodson spent three nights in Las Vegas.  Every four years her company has a national convention. She and her daughter attended. Her company paid for some of the expenses, and the rest is a tax write off but Sheri paid $20!


General Ed raffled off a pair of sunglasses he'd found abandoned at the sign-in table.  Bidding started at $5 from presumptive owner Fred Willis.  After the General modeled the glasses, (much to the delight of the club), Dave Hall raised the winning bid to $10, and returned the wayward shades to their owner.




Tom McClellan introduced Dr. Zhenyu Tian, PhD, Environmental Sciences. Currently at UWT at the Center for Urban Waters studying Contaminates in Water. Dr. Tian is originally from Beijing, China.

Dr. Tian's presentation was titled, "What’s In Our Water?"


Many synthetic chemicals are in our life; what we wear, sit on, and eat. These chemicals are significantly changing the chemistry of our planet, especially our fresh and salt water.  In the USA, regulation of chemicals is limited. ( In the 40 years since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established, only 5  of the thousands of potentially-harmful chemicals have been banned.  In Europe, the producers of chemical-laden products have to guarantee safety.  In USA,  not so; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates safety.


Many chemicals are being released into our waters.  The waste water treatment systems remove or dilute some chemicals, but many other chemicals pass through.  Several examples of this are opiods and also the chemical Sucralose used in artificial sweetner. Treatment plants which use charcoal filtration are more effective at removing chemical pollution. Chemicals do not magically disappear!


An example of how chemicals are affecting us - Orca J35 carried dead baby for 17 days.  Lack of food - salmon.  There is a significant decrease in the number of salmon.  Killer whales are affected by toxic PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) found in water.  Estimate that current levels could wipe out whales in 30-50 years.


Pre-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (Teflon, gore-tex) are toxic. GENX in North Carolina (raw materials producing Teflon) found in drinking water.


How are chemical pollutants detected in our planet's bodies of water?  Scientists sample rivers, seas, waste water.  They concentrate and identify the specific chemicals found in the samples using HRMS (High Resolution Mass Spectrometer).


Urban Runoff Mortality Syndrome: NOAA is studying Coho salmon, especially in Western Washington.  They have seen a 40-90% increase in Coho salmon death rate from 2002-2009.  After rainfall (runoff) from roadways and bridges, many fish die. Currently unknown toxicant.  Seems to be related to the increase in traffic (people and cars). Study is focusing on pollution from tire wear particles.  What is the exact chemical in tires?  "Tire leachate" is the scientific term.

Other common pollutants include the chemical Lamotrigine, which is found in antidepressants. Mussels in Puget Sound have traces of opioids.  


Audience Questions/Comments:

Q: Has there been thought given to better processing versus keeping chemicals out of water?   A: Depends on the size of waste water treatment facility.  Some are able to adapt by using carbon filters, smaller treatment plants don’t have resources.

Q: Do we know what specific chemical is responsible in the tire particles?  A: No.  We have a list but not there yet.


Q: After so many years of vehicles driving on our roadways, why the increase in salmon mortality now?  A: Possibly different manufacturing methods of tires, or more driving.  It may not be one compound, but a combination.




Alice Peeples had the winning ticket AND she drew the winning Ace - $796!!!!! (Editor's Note: judging by the number of raffle tickets Alice purchased, it's possible she may have just broken even by winning the pot!)


And Finally:

Does this count as "Truth in Advertising", or is it a scam?