Posted by Tom McClellan on Jun 13, 2017
Welcome Back, George Lin!!
Invocation:   David Cotant
Flag Salute:  Bryan Christensen
Visiting Rotarians: George Lin, from Taipei, Fred Moiseo from Tacoma 8
Visitors – Our guest speaker, Stephen Tibbett. George Lin introduced his cousin Mae. Ellie Carr introduced son Gavin Carr. Jenny Goodin introduced her son Aaron Weeks.
Sunshine report: None 
Club Announcements:   
Upcoming speakers
June 14 - Trial run for possible new meeting time, Pat Ahearne - St Clare Hospital will be the speaker. 7:00AM – Fellowship, 7:30AM – Meeting, 8:30AM - Meeting Ends. Additional parking is available at Pizza Hut for this meeting only. Meeting will be in the Banquet and Bar area of Carr's.
June 21st – No noon meeting. Installation Dinner at Tacoma Country and Golf Club at 6:00 pm.
June 28th – Back to 12 Noon (for the moment).  Bryan’s first meeting as president. Nadia Van Atter – Crystal Judson Family Justice Center.
Rotary night at the Rainers - Thursday, July 13th for Rotarians and friends. Beside ticket entry, there is food and drinks before the game, and then a voucher is given for more food during the game. Last year there were about 250 Rotarians and friends. Let Jim Hairston know if you want to attend.
Judi Maier announced that our club’s new computer is present and ready to be used.  [ed. note: The old one is going to a farm where it can run free.  Actually, a better disposition is afoot, subject to board approval at the next board meeting, which is on June 16, 0730, at Carr’s, by the way.]
Joy Taylor shared that she sent an end of the year email concerning donations to the Rotary Foundation.  Remember that a $1000 cumulative donation to the Foundation makes you a “Paul Harris Fellow”.  Please let her know if you would still like to contribute to this Rotary year. Our Club has exceeded our Paul Harris goal with donations over $11,000. Thank you for your generosity. Joy can give you your current status.
Tom McClellan passed around a sign-up sheet for meeting note takers. Note takers just take down the basics and then Tom edits and makes them funny.  [ed. note: Sheri wrote that.  Thanks Sheri.]  Remember if you are not signed up to help in one of the meeting functions (set-up, greeter, invocation, note taker, fine master, raffle, Sunshine report, etc.), there is an expectation for you to help in some way.  Please sign up for one of them (Invocation – Alice Peeples, Greeters – Jeannie Hill, Note takers – Tom McClellan, Fine master – General Ed Trobaugh, Set-up David Cotant)
Fun and Fines:  Heidi Wachter assisted by David Cotant, and an email full of instructions from General Ed.
General Ed went with his wife to Long Beach for their anniversary. 
Jim Hairston left $2 at the podium for forgetting to have guests be introduced. You'd think it was his first meeting not his second to last meeting.
Georgene Mellom did not sign in, even though she sat at the greeting table taking Installation Banquet payments for 45 whole minutes. $2
Bonnie Kern and Becky Newton paid their Wachters for offenses no one remembers.
Heidi was anxious to fine someone for the wild bear problem in Lakewood, as described in the news, but she found no police or firefighter in attendance to fine.
Joyce Loveday and CPTC had ink once again. The article talked about CPTC and their impact on the economy – $187.9 million dollars. This includes their employees and students’ future salaries…… $50
John Munn – received ink on a musical marathon. The recent show was sold out for 6 shows.  The Pirates of Penzance runs through June 25. Buy tickets on line. TNT one of the best shows they have seen.  $50  [ed. note: Do you know how the cast of that production got in shape for it?  They did the pilates of Penzance.]
General Harrison has reportedly returned from Europe, but was not here today
Confessions –
Ellie Carr 5 days in San Diego $50
Marie Barth – trip to Montana 10 days at $5 a night. Oldest granddaughter passed her CNA test, middle granddaughter graduated from high school as valedictorian, youngest granddaughter came home with Marie.
Marie tried to do "Marie math", with additions and subtractions since the General was not here. Multiple subtractions included engine light coming on, missed turns, broken sprinklers, snow once over the mountains, etc. Heidi said under General Ed’s math, there was no such thing as subtractions. Marie paid $150
Rick Ring left early $5
George Lin $50 donation just because he enjoyed being with our group.
Heidi Wachter – crime against Rotary forgot to auction Randy Black’s donated preserves, brought for auction.   $2.
Ellie Carr won the auction of the Homemade preserves made by Randy. It started at $20 ($5 a jar).  $40  She will share them at next week’s breakfast meeting
Today’s speaker
Stephen Tibbetts from FabLab in Tacoma.  Steven is an electrical engineer who has worked and consulted for many consumer electronics firms you have probably heard of.  He is the founder of FabLab.
FabLab was established in 2012 near UW Tacoma. It is a Maker Space, a place with lots of equipment for creative people to create.  They have 3D Printers, scanners, CNC routers, laser cutting, and much more. They lovingly refer to themselves as the YMCA for Nerds.
It is a place to encourage critical thinkers. Their staff is there to help people. They have staff members who are engineers, artists, programmers, etc.
They hold classes for a monthly fee. During the school year it is more geared towards adults. During the summer there are numerous camps or programs for the younger learners.  Including a Team 360 Robotics camp. Check them out at their website
They have helped dozens of startups. Some have succeeded while others have failed. They have helped with Kickstarter campaigns to help with new ideas or products.
He shared a number of success stories.
This is a wonderful business but it does not generate a lot of income so they are trying to find other ways to generate income. One way is with their Carbon fiber 3-D printer. Judi Maier has used them to create a piece for her very expensive sewing machine that was no longer be produced. They took the broken part and they produced it for her. The carbon fiber parts are stronger than cast aluminum.
Another area to generate money is to sell their concept to others. They’re consulting with the cities like Auburn to set up their own Maker Space. They are a reseller of Adafruit electronics.  They are also starting Fabinde fabrication industrial design and engineering.
Stephen was invited to White House in 2016 for National Makers Day. It was a quite an honor and there was a push to have this opportunity in every city for all the creative people out there that don’t have the necessary tools to create their ideas.
We are invited to stop by. Open Noon – 10 most days. Closed on Mondays. Stop by or setup a fieldtrip.
Raffle Drawing:    $184 George Lin had the winning ticket, but drew the 10 spades.
And Finally...
Here is an example of some people who could have used a bit more training at the FabLab in Tacoma.