Upcoming Events
Aug 6-8 - Courage Classic
Sep 10 – Rick King event at McGavick Center, 12:30 PM
Sep 29 – Theater Benefit, “Hound of the Baskervilles”
Upcoming Meetings:
Aug 3 – Speaker: Sally Martinez, City of Lakewood
       Note taker: Sheri Hodson
       Invocation: Helen McGovern Pilant
       Greeter: Jeannie Hill
Aug 10 – Speaker: Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State
       Note taker: Teresa Nye
       Invocation: Randy Black
       Greeter: Anne Winters
Aug 17 – Speakers: Carolyn Cyr and Officer Ralph Rocco, Lakewood Police Behavioral Health Team
       Note taker: Bonnie Kern
       Invocation: Alan Billingsley
       Greeter: David Cotant
Meeting Notes, July 27, 2016
Recorded by Karen Fengler Nichols
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting was called to order by President Jim Hairston at 12:30.  Prayer: Fred Willis.  Pledge of Allegiance- Paul Webb.
Visiting Rotarians - Helen McGovern Pilant (who, for those not aware, has left our club to become a member of District 5020’s new Passport Club, which meets each 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM, locations may vary, see http://portal.clubrunner.ca/50092/clubInfo/pierce-county-passport
Other Visitors - Shelley McClellan (wife of Tom), Matthew Taylor (son of Joy Taylor), and Hazel Billingsley (granddaughter of Alan and Debbie, niece of Ellie Carr).  Randy Black introduced Robert Gaskin, Maintenance and Operations manager for Lakewood Water.
Sunshine Report - Karen George reported that cards and flowers have been sent to Kathie Maxwell, however Karen has not heard anything new on how Kathie is tolerating her treatments. She also reported the General Bill Harrison is taking a pajama day, hence AWOL from our club meeting, but is otherwise in good spirits. Last Friday he had a procedure on his vocal cords with good results this time. He is able to be heard when talking and laughing now. Ed Trobaugh volunteered that he has never once heard General Bill laugh.  Karen responded that this probably has more to do him (Ed) than the General Bill’s vocal cords! Good come-back.
Late Note: Jennie Goodin gave birth to Aaron Edward-George Weeks, born at St. Joe's on July 14.  7#, 11oz, 20.75".  Jennie describes him as "a very healthy and cuddly baby boy."  She hopes to bring him to his first Rotary meeting very soon, so everyone can meet him. 
EFN Food Drive - Helen McGovern Pilant encouraged participation in a local food drive.  Between now and the start of school, other meal sources for kids are winding down so there is an increasing need for families to get foods kids can prepare themselves. Carr’s Restaurant is a collection point.
Guatemala Stove Project - Alan Billingsley reported that he and the family are leaving at 7am tomorrow morning (July 28).  Franciscan Health Services gave them 12,000 sets of sutures which were expiring in 2 weeks to take with them. They also have 1700 lbs. of other supplies being sent as well.  It will be a ‘warm’, 100-110 degrees while they are there, but they are looking forward to building the stoves and helping out the villagers.  He will send updates. Their planned return is Aug 8th
Late Note: Alan wrote on July 30: “Our mission team has arrived safely in Barillas our base for work. After 16 hours of driving on gravel roads and passes over 11,000 feet.  We are learning the stove assembly and ready for the village tomorrow.”  Here are some pictures Alan sent, showing the volunteer group and the stove manufacturing facility. 
Asian Film Festival and Art Show - Bob Lawrence gave an update on this FREE event which is happening this weekend at the Lakewood Elks. All are encouraged to come see a diverse collection of films and art.
Secretary Report - Karen Fengler Nichols announced that Club Dues invoices will be going out this week. Look for these in your email inboxes. Good news the dues are lower this year.  Foundation Director Joy Taylor encouraged everyone to consider giving to the Rotary Foundation what they saved in dues.
Rick King Event - Tickets are now online for purchase. The event is scheduled Sept 10, at 12:30, at the McGavick Center.  Lunch will be included.
Thank you Letters: Jim read three thank you letters, 2 from Bellarmine Robotics team thanking Clover Park Rotary for our contribution to buy additional Lego tools kits for their community and school outreach programs, and one from the Tacoma Youth Chorus where our donation supports scholarships for their choral programs.
Flat Paul - No Flat Paul presentations today. Dr Joyce Loveday volunteered to present next week and Heidi Wachter will present her Flat Paul the following week.  Thus far, President Jim’s “thing” is slow to catch on. 
Courage Classic - Heidi Wachter reminded us of this event which takes place in two weeks, and circulated a big envelope for those who want to support the effort. 
Fun and Fines with Gen Ed
Anne Winters collected fines, and John Unfred passed the mic.
Randy Black and Sheri Hodson paid off their Wachters.  Sheri did not stay for the meeting since she was on her way to take her daughter to an orthopedist visit for a broken wrist.
Celebrating a recent birthday is Choi Halladay. The Happy Birthday song was led by John Unfred.  The consensus opinion was that it was among the worst renditions of that song ever in history… by any group, ever.  Choi also had a trip to Montreal which was both business and pleasure.  Montreal was celebrating 40 years since they hosted the Olympics in their fair city.  Choi was gone 7 nights and offered $40.
John Unfred was then called out for ink in the Suburban Times related to returning of stolen items to their owners by the Lakewood Police Dept. John offered $20 though he did not profit in any way from the auction.
Bryan Christensen had a trip to a tennis tournament in which he was not even able to participate.  Alas, his team lost. $25.
Jim Hairston was fined $5 for missing a guest.  Bob Lawrence and Helen McGovern Pilant did not sign in. $2 each.
Tom McClellan forgot to introduce his guest, his wife Shelley.  Also, they took a 10 day trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. Tom offered $70 fine for the trip. The General countered ‘times 2’ (2 people)? They settled on $100, rounding up.
John Munn was asked about an IOU, but John countered that this was paid off 2 weeks ago when Gen Ed missed a meeting [Ed. Note: This topic was reflected in THE OFFICIAL MEETING NOTES!!!!]
Fred Willis offered to pay $5 to make an announcement. He has white iris bulbs to give away. If you are interested let him know.
Today’s Program - Advances in Cancer Treatments
Speaker- Dr Jennifer Specht Medical Oncologist at SCCA in Seattle.
Cancer has touched all of in some way whether personally or through family and friends. Dr. Specht shared with us the advances in immune therapy in Breast Cancer treatment. She reviewed breast cancer and immunology basics, and then addressed new targeted treatments with drugs and vaccines that are showing great promise in the treating and/or prevention cancer cells while sparing our healthy cells. With each new discovery progress is being made.
Today’s Raffle
The pot had $2711, 11 cards including 3 aces remain in the deck. Alice Peeples had the winning ticket but did not draw an ace! $5 winnings.
Ed. Note about the raffle: The last time we had a winner was Alice Peeples on Oct. 21, 2015.  There have been 37 raffle drawings since then, with no ace drawn.  That seems like an unusual string, so to calculate how unusual it would be to have a string of 37 drawings with no ace, while 3 aces are remaining, one needs to instead first calculate the odds of a “win” each week with those odds.  Then the odds of no win are the reciprocal, which get multiplied.
On the week after Alice won, there were 3 aces out of 48 total cards.  So on that week, the odds of drawing one of the 3 aces out of 48 cards was 3/48, or 6.25%.  The odds of not drawing an ace were 93.75%. 
The next week, it was 3 aces and 47 cards, so the odds of not drawing an ace were 93.617%.  Each of those seems really big odds against winning, but when we string those two weeks together, it is 0.9375 x 0.93617, which equals 87.766% odds of having no winner for those two weeks in a row.  The next week was 3 out of 46, or 93.478% for no winner.  Tacking that multiplier onto the series, you get an 82.04% chance of having no winner for those 3 weeks in a row.  The next week, 76.57%, then then next 71.35%, etc.
When we string together the odds that manner over 37 weeks, the odds of a string like this become infinitesimally minimal: It shrinks to a probability of 1.65%, or 1 in 61 odds to have such a string of non-winners like this.
That statistic says nothing about your chances of winning now.  There are now 3 aces out of 10 cards remaining in the deck, so if you buy a raffle ticket and get to draw a card, you have a 30% chance of winning a pot of money that is $2711 and growing rapidly.  But as with most things in life, you must be present to win.