Posted by Tom McClellan on Jul 28, 2017
Contemplating a switch to a morning meeting time.
Invocation – Fred Willis. Pledge to the Flag – Joyce Loveday
Visiting Rotarians Ian Gichuri (Nairobi) and Les Skelly
Guests – Gavin Carr
Sunshine Report
  • Wally Johnson is having complications following knee surgery and may need further surgery.  Marilee notes that he is "grumpy".  [ed. note: long term pain will do that.  Keep a good thought for Wally to achieve a good solution.]
  • District Governor Tom Carroll fell from a roof when his safety gear failed, breaking his scapula and a rib.
Tom McClellan told club members of the upcoming programs:
  • August 2 – Bruce McKenty - Veterans’ Golf Course and Military Order of the Purple Heart
  • August 9 – Alice Collingwood – Summit Assistance Dogs
  • August 16 – Brynn Grimley – Lakewood’s new Communications Manager
Heidi Wachter reminded members of the October 5th Theater benefit, which will be the play Wait Until Dark.  Directed by our own John Munn at the Lakewood Playhouse.  Mark your calendars now and invite people to join you.  Sponsorships are currently being sought.
Tom Faubion announced that this Saturday, July 29, is the Faubion Family Farm picnic.  All are invited to attend with their families, and children at the picnic will get to ride the mules.
Karen Fengler Nichols reminded members that it’s time to pay annual dues. Invoices already went out by email; contact Karen if you did not receive it.
Bob Lawrence – The Arts Fest will be held August 11, 12, 13 at Pierce College this year in conjunction with the Asian Film Fest. Art Fest
Fun and Fines
Pat Ahearne was General Ed Trobaugh’s assistant for the day to collect club fines
President Bryan Christensen was fined $5 for coming oh so close to missing the recitation of Rotary’s 4-way test today when he jumped to “visiting Rotarians” in the agenda.  The fine was set low for this first minor faux pas as our club’s leader.
Stephanie Walsh - $5 for being an early leaver.
To assure our visiting Rotarian from Nairobi (Ian) was appropriately recognized and included as part of our Rotary family, visiting Rotarians were asked to raise their hand and have $2 in it.
There were no birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate this week.
Teresa Nye returned from multiple trips and recounted tails from the road.Her travels included lacrosse tournaments and college exploration for her son, a trip to Niagara Falls, and experiences driving in New York City.Her son has done extremely well in lacrosse and is hopeful for college scholarship that will continue his involvement with the sport. $100
Sporting an arm sling, Anne Winters told the tale of a summertime boating trip on the Columbia River and a wake board accident which broke her upper humerus. $50
Randy Black gave kudos to West Pierce Fire and Rescue for the efficiency and professionalism they displayed as they responded to a recent wreck where a driver ran into the back of a water district truck. Randy’s employee suffered only minor scrapes, but the other driver had it worse.He gave $10 which was matched by both Paul Webb and Bonnie Boyle.
Program – Club Assembly
Updates from Directors
  • Club Administration (Karl Roth – not present) – Bryan noted that we’re in the process of updating the Club bylaws.  If someone would like to assist with this process, let Bryan know.
  • Public Relations (Bob Lawrence) – An article about the installation banquet is soon to be published. We’re in the process of updating the club roster, and Rotary membership dates will be included this time around.
  • Foundation (Joy Taylor not present) – No report at this time, but appreciation was expressed for the work she’s done to keep us all informed.
  • Service Projects (Clarke Thomson) – No items to report at this time.
  • Membership (Paul Webb) – Work is continuing to recruit new members, and anyone with a suggestion for a potential member should contact Paul.  He used Tom McClellan as an example for recommending members and challenged us to do the same.  A classification list was provided on tables to help spur ideas of who to recruit as members.
  • Fundraisers (Teresa Nye) – Teresa put out a plea for new members on the fundraising committee and fresh ideas for the future.  This week the committee is meeting to go over plans for the fall event.
  • Sergeant at Arms (Dave Cotant) – No report.
Business meeting
The sole agenda item for today’s business meeting is to discuss the potential change of our club’s meeting time from a noon meeting to an early morning breakfast meeting. 
Bryan provided an introduction to let members know why the change in time is being considered.
From 12:00-1:30 is a difficult time for many potential new members to attend.  The only clubs growing within out district are the new ones that are changing the way business is done.  Two clubs in our district closed this year, taking our district from 90 to 88 clubs.  Considering a different time is about looking farther than today; it’s for tomorrow and beyond the horizon.  President Bryan is concerned about the dwindling number of members in our club and therefore wanted to ask the question about our perspectives regarding changing the meeting time to a breakfast meeting.
Tom McClellan moved and Paul Webb seconded the motion to delay voting, and only talk about the issue today, then publish the meeting notes for member review and hold the vote at next week’s meeting.  The motion passed with no objections.
  • Tom noted that he initiated this whole conversation based upon a club he visited in Manhattan Beach, CA which changed its time from noon to morning and had strong increase in membership.
  • It was noted that many working professionals who may be interested in being part of a service organization have a difficult time getting away for an hour and a half meeting at noon.
  • There are people who may rejoin our club if we hold our meetings at a different time.
  • Anne Winters – Likes the idea of a different time.  Lakewood has two Rotary clubs that both meet at lunch time.  Providing an alternative time broadens the opportunity to serve and engage more individuals in our community.
  • Alan Billingsley – When we gather votes, please provide a place for abstainers – this would be helpful for those of us who are able to remain a member of the club regardless of the time the meetings are held.
  • Charlie Maxwell – Though Charlie is a morning person, when he hears from long-time members who would not be able to continue with Clover Park Rotary if we change the time, it deeply impacts him emotionally.  He would not want to lose a single Rotary friend because they can’t make the meeting.  He’s concerned, however, about the cost to Carr’s Restaurant when a meal is made and numbers are low.  Charlie reminded us that Lakewood is growing economically and we need to be inviting more people, regardless of the meeting time.
  • Classification is no longer the barrier to who can be invited.  [ed. note: The Rotary Manual of Procedure formerly limited a club to 5 members or 10% from the same classification.  The recent Council On Legislation has eliminated that restriction.]  Look for someone interested in service to the community and invite them to come.
  • Sheri Hodson – Thanked Bryan for taking the time to talk to each of us about our thoughts on this matter.When we invite a speaker, it’s not respectful to have a small group show up. Sheri asked how many of our current members would we lose if we changed to a breakfast meeting.  Bryan indicated there are 7 who have said they would no longer make it.  Don’t know that we WANT to be a 100 member club.  What’s the goal?  There’s more fellowship when it’s a smaller club.
  • The new Passport club is having a lot of success. The commitment of 50 meetings a year is a large commitment, and perhaps there are alternative things we can consider rather than changing time.
  • There could be new challenges if we establish a morning meeting.  For example, if the weather is bad, what will be the protocol to get the word out regarding meeting closure?
  • Ellie Carr – Don’t worry about the restaurant, they will make it work either way.  She also noted that breakfast is easier to put out than a lunch menu, and also easier to scale on short notice if more people come to a meeting.
  • Georgene Mellom’s email was read expressing why she opposes the move.  If we change to a morning schedule, she will no longer be able to participate.
  • General Bill Harrison and Karen George – Karen noted that she was born at 5:30 AM on Christmas Eve in 1975, and that was the only time she was ever willingly a morning person.  The morning time would be a hardship for both General Bill and Karen.
  • Karen suggested the possibility of switching to a late afternoon/early evening meeting (not a special meeting).  Bryan noted that there’s one evening club in our area district (Sunset club, which meets Sunday eventings) and they’re struggling.
  • Fred Willis – “I’m proud to be a Rotarian”. Joined the Tacoma Sunrise Club in 1982. Stayed there until it was difficult to attend their early morning meeting time.  I could be a Rotarian at any club, but I love this club and will be at whatever time we set.  Please know, however, that at 85 it’s not as easy to get there early in the morning as it used to be.
  • Ed Trobaugh – Supported the recommendation to have “either” as the third option when the vote is taken.  He also supported Karen’s idea that the end of a business day at happy hour is a great time to meet, and he believes it would be easier to get others to join him at a time other than noon.
  • Jim Hairston – an email from Jim was read expressing that he will attend either time frame.  His preference is to meet at time where we can have optimal membership.
  • Alice Peeples – When she president of a club in another district, their club initiated an evening group. The new early evening club enjoyed initial success, especially for members who had small children.  But eventually it dwindled because individuals with kids had too many competing afternoon obligations.
  • Bob Lawrence – Asked whether next week’s vote will include an evening option.  The answer is “no.”  This vote is specifically for the morning meeting time that was recommended.
  • Heidi Wachter – The time of the meeting is a means to an end (size of club). Not sure time of meeting is easily correlated.
  • Randy Black – What is our goal that we’re trying to achieve here?  If we’re trying to grow our club, we need to figure where we can best do that
  • Joyce Oubre – Expressed that she’s conflicted with this choice – personally she would rather have it in the morning, but professionally she needs to have it at noon due to morning commitments.  What will help the club grow is to have more responsibilities on committees and more communication to engage us all.
Closing this discussion, President Bryan reminded everyone that a vote will take place at the August 2 meeting about whether the club should move to a morning meeting time.  If you are unable to attend that meeting to vote in person, you can email your vote to Bryan at
Raffle: $395 in the pot, 12 cards, 3 aces.  Gavin Carr had the lucky ticket – he drew a 7 and received $5.  [ed. note: We won't say anything about this youth participation to the State Gambling Commission.]
And Finally: Punctuation matters.