Posted by Tom McClellan on Aug 11, 2018
Dealing with emotional distress and depression.  It helps to cancel fines for the week.
Meeting Notes for August 8, 2018
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Edited by Tom McClellan
Meeting called to order: by President Heidi precisely at 12:30 pm.
Greeters: Dave Hall
Invocation: Marie Barth
Heidi led us in reciting the Rotary Vision Statement for 2018-2019.  There was no visual aid [we're working on that], so Heidi just read it.  By the end of Heidi's term as president, you are all expected to have memorized this:
“Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”
Visiting Rotarians:
Area 12 Assistant Governor – Jamie Gregory (Puyallup Rotary Club)
Today’s Guests:
Judy Davis – Today’s Guest Speaker
Katelyn Billingsley, daughter in law of Alan Billingsley
Future Programs:
August 15 – Club Assembly (Committee Meetings)
August 22 – District Governor Craig Gillis Visit
August 29 – Weston Ott from the City of Lakewood Ongoing and Future Road Projects
Sunshine Report – Charlie Maxwell (Leg and foot ailment)
President Heidi - announced that District Governor Craig Gillis will visit our Club on August 22.  She asks all Officers be present by 11:00 am.
President Heidi – called Tom Faubion and Dave Cotant forward to recognize them for their excellent work as “Front Door” folk, the Friendly Faces of Clover Park Rotary that greet people each week as they enter Carr’s Restaurant on Wednesdays at lunchtime.  [ed. note: Tom Faubion is frustratingly camera-shy]
She also recognized Dave Hall for his efforts to “school” her on how to navigate the Club Facebook page.
Tom Slee – a longtime Lakewood resident and retired Air Force Major gave a presentation and requested that the club encourage others to help support and complete the City Veterans Memorial Project. Support can be given by purchasing Bricks in honor and memory of veterans.
Alan Billingsley – introduced his Daughter-in-law Katelyn and also announced a new potential project (which is not yet approved through the committee or the club) for the club to adopt Custer Elementary as a new school to sponsor.  More will be brought to the club on this subject after discussion.
President's Time
President Heidi called on Area 12 AG Jamie Gregory to talk about his “Rotary Moment”.  He began his talk by asking a few members why they joined Rotary. He provided a quick and inspirational plea to all Rotarians by asking us to remember that August is Membership Month. He shared that getting people to join Rotary is as simple as asking them to join! 
Memorable Fines and Moments with Gen Ed:
Not enough time today as General Ed acquiesced to Major (Ret) Slee’s request for 10 (turned to 15 minutes)!  Sooooo, the consequences of Gen Ed having no time will be revealed at the next Club Meeting.
Today’s Program:
Judy Davis is the Co-Founder of DASIUM.  The organization website indicates that the DASIUM Teams use the power of stories and personal experiences to deliver programs and resources in an engaging and effective way. They work upstream to awaken, educate, and inspire action that prevents depression, addiction, and suicide, especially among teens and young adults.
One finding is that when she talks about the characteristic feelings of teens who are struggling emotionally and contemplating suicide, a lot of audience members feel empowered to tell someone that they are having those feelings.  The best thing that one can do for such people is to listen to them, and let them know they are being heard.  Judy’s presentation is powerful, personal and illuminating.  Please check the DAISUM website to learn more about their organization:
Raffle Drawing:
Tom McClellan held the “opportunity to draw from the deck” ticket for the second consecutive week, but unfortunately did not draw an Ace.... $5.00 collected.
And Finally…
This is a curious sign placement.