Posted by Dave Hall on Sep 04, 2018
Roads, Rats, and Backpacks! (And a Jet-Lagged Editor, so Mea Culpa in advance!)
Meeting Notes August 29, 2018
Notetaker: Sheri Hodson.  Editor: Dave "Back Home" Hall.
The August 29, 2018 meeting of the Rotary Club of Clover Park was called to order at 12:30 P.M. (PDT) by President Heidi Wachter.
Invocation: Joyce Loveday
Flag Salute: Joyce Oubre
President Heidi did not have the Rotary Vision Statement projected this week for us all to recite: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change-across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” We will be reciting weekly in place of the 4 way test, which means we'll eventually have to memorize it, right?  
Visiting Rotarians: There were none today. 
Visitors:   Charlie Maxwell introduced his friend, Norma Jean Hanson. Alan Billinglsey introduced grandsons, Nolan and Gavin Carr.
Upcoming Meetings:  September 5 – Liz Heath, Interim Director of Communities in Schools; September 12th– Officer Jim Syler, Lakewood Police K9 Exchange Training in Slovakia;  September 19th- Club Assembly(Committees meet.)
President Heidi read two very nice CPTC scholarship thank you letters. 
The American Lake Veteran’s Golf Course sent a thank you letter for the additional $4161, covering expenses of the tournament. 
Foundation Director, Joy Taylor gave an update that we are about ¼ of the way to our foundation annual giving goal. She is going to start putting tent cards on our tables showing our progress for the year to date. 
Tom McClellan reminded everyone dues invoice were sent out over a month ago, and thanked all who have paid their dues. If you have paid you should have received an email receipt. The rest of the folks need to get it in – no Wachters accepted for Dues. The Club has already paid everyone’s dues to RI.
President Heidi gave the President’s Award of Excellence to Teresa Nye for coordinating our after-hours event at Fircrest Country Club. (Heidi apologized for not telling everyone where we were meeting!)
Alan Billingsley announced September 18th is Back to School Night at 5:00 at Custer Elementary. We will be providing a Spaghetti Dinner that coincides with Back to School night and their PTO meeting.  A Volunteer Sign-up Sheet will be coming around next week.
Our Theater Benefit Committee meeting had only one attendee last week, Ellie Carr. She said we would try again Tuesday, September 4 (already happened).  She let everyone know we would need help with sponsors and ticket sales. Be getting your names ready!!! John Munn talked about the performance. Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, first part of his trilogy. 
Upcoming Dates:
September 27th–Theater Benefit
September 28, 29, and 30th– Lakewood Arts Festival at the McGavick Center. It continues to grow in all different mediums including art, music and movies. Bob Lawrence shared they are anticipating a 2000 attendees. The author of Drift will be there on author day. Bob thanked the club once again for our support. 
President’s MomentBecky Newton shared that she has been with club for about 2 years. The Club is an inspiration to her. In this hectic life she realizes how fortunate she is. She wants to give more and be part of Rotaract and projects. 
Fun and Fines with General Ed, assisted by Red Badgers Lisa Blevins and Katelyn Billingsley.
General Ed collected on a bunch of Wachters – The last $20 from Becky Newtonof her $100 donation the week before. Heidi paid her $50, Sheri Hodson, $100 and Lisa Blevins $20. 
Joyce and Virgil Loveday– she celebrated 34 years with her best friend and because of the two thank you letters from CPTC she contributed $100. 
Marie Barth paid $2 to rat on John Unfred for failing to fill his foursome at the Golf fundraiser the night before. She said she had first-hand knowledge that he probably could have found some of his fellow officers to fill the foursome.  John said Marie had some of her facts wrong- it wasn’t the night before (it was a week) and he asked many people and posted the flier. He wanted to know who ratted to her and Jim Hairston confessed. Jim $2 for ratting. John $100 Wachter. 
John Munn had postcards on the table announcing the 80thAnniversary Celebration on September 7that 5:30 at the Lakewood Playhouse.  All are welcome. This earned John a $10 Wachter.
Today’s speaker – Weston Ott: City of Lakewood Public Works Department.
Weston shared several pictures of projects before and after the work was completed. He was very proud of South Tacoma Way/100thand SR 512 intersections, including the additional lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, paving, lights and new sign.
He showed maps of the 2015 – 2018 projects and 2019-2023 scheduled projects. The whole process is a competitive bid process. 
There is a 6 year transportation improvement plan. Each year there is a public hearing. To determine where the work will be done the 180 miles of streets are walked. If you count all lanes it is actually 430 miles. The roads are given a grade between 0-100. Goal rating for all roads is at least 70. 81% of our roads are very good. We are in the 90th percentile for similar jurisdictions.
Some road repair costs per square yard are:
Crack and chip seal .45 - $6.00   
Chip seal $6.00 -$25
4” thick overlay $36
Reconstruction $62
Weston also provided an update on many projects – most are ahead of schedule. Patching has now become a line item each year. Pierce County has restriped the entire city's roadways.  Getting a project done includes Design, Bid and Build. 
In answer to questions:
"Give me more info Alice Peeples and we will try to find out what happened to your rocks."
Average rate of attrition is 1 – 2 point a year. 
There are still plans to connect a pedestrian walkway from Tillicum to Gravelly Lake. Part of the holdup is the purchasing of the right of way from the railroad. 
Our roads are good because of the good soils which provide support for the roads.
Raffle: Alan Billinglsley took a shot at the $565 pot. No luck; he drew the six of clubs.
And Finally: If you are intending to help out with donating school supplies, you might want to do your shopping at stores other than these two:
By the way, speaking of Road Construction, if you were planning to travel down Route Reggae this evening, you might wind up disappointed!