Two, two, two meeting notes in one!
This time, you get to read meeting notes for both April 5 and April 12 in one sitting.  Up first:
April 5 Meeting
Notes recorded by Sheri Hodson, Edited by Tom McClellan
Invocation:  Tom McClellan.  Flag Salute:  Karl Roth
Visitors: Bryan Christensen introduced Bethany Wynn. Karen Fengler Nichols introduced husband Joe Nichols.  Tom McClellan introduced our speaker Bruce Dammeier, and Bonnie Boyle introduced Paulina Adams.
Sunshine report:  None given today.
Club Announcements: 
Upcoming speakers  
April 12 – John Munn, Lakewood Playhouse Season Kickoff
April 19 – Ivy Berger Care Net of Puget Sound on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
April 26- Rose Sale Delivery
Paul Webb asked everyone to complete either the paper survey on meeting attendance or the electronic version sent out by Anne Winters last week. We would really like everyone’s input. We think we all agree what we do through Rotary is valuable. However, attendance has been around 50% lately. We have approximately 44 members and we have been having 20-25 in attendance.  To keep the Club strong and vital and have the ability to recruit additional members we need to come together.  Please give your feedback!!!
Fred Willis shared he has been receiving Sheriff Paul Pastor’s email bulletin and it is very informational. He suggested we sign up for it.
May 4-6 District 5020 Training and Conference at the Clearwater Casino.
Upcoming clean-up day at Tyee Park Elementary School in early May. Still coordinating with Rick Ring and the school.
Bryan Christensen confirmed our 800 dozen roses have been and ordered and we will be paying for them. How are you doing on your orders??? Please let Bryan know by email if you need additional roses than the ones you committed to Georgene Mellom, when she was working the front table.
We did have to order “full boxes” of roses so we do have some extra. If for some reason you are falling short on your commitment, please let him know that as well.  Remember the original goal for each of us was originally 17 dozen each.
Fun and Fines:  General Ed Trobaugh was assisted by Stephanie Walsh.
General Ed was wearing his Army beat Navy sweatshirt and pins in honor of our guest speaker, Bruce Dammeier, a graduate of the US Naval Academy.  Bruce said he could handle once every 14 years.
Stephanie Walsh was fined for some ink in the Suburban Times announcing her retirement from Lakewold Gardens after 17 years. She said they were making up the income loss by her husband working harder and increasing his rates on his business.  She also got fined for not signing in.
Charlie Maxwell then ratted on Stephanie by stating they were both in a recent publication and Charlie very proudly shared he was Clover Park rotation but in Stephanie’s write up no mention of her affiliation.  Charlie paid $2 for the rat and $20 for the brochure.  General Ed challenged Stephanie to match it.
Karl Roth went to Emergency Management training for 4 nights. Even though it was work, he still paid $20 for the trip. Karl’s other news was much more newsworthy. He was promoted to West Pierce Deputy Chief!!! Congratulations Karl. He paid $100 towards his Paul Harris.
Marie Barth offered to sell roses to and for our guest speaker, Bruce Dammeier.  Marie also wanted to thank the club and all the business she has generated from it. She donated $250 in the name of her clients to Paul Harris. 
Today's Speaker:  Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier
January 1st – Bruce was sworn in as Pierce County Executive, and on February 7 he became a grandparent. This has helped in his new position because he is planning for the 40-year plan instead of just immediate needs.
County Budget had a 2016 Budget surplus so Bruce has put in for a supplemental budget of $10.7 million in addition to the $300 million approved budget. It would generate no new taxes. Looking to improve mental health care – 29,000 people in the county and homelessness. 
Unemployment still above 6%. Approximately 100,000 of our residents leave the county to go to work.  This is domestic migration, and we are the highest in the nation. We need to have residents work in the county to be sustainable.
Some of the things he is doing is he reorganized some county offices, combining where needed to streamline processes, hiring of additional deputies, marine patrol, HR for recruiting in sheriff’s department, demolished the abandoned Puget Sound Hospital and much more.
Mental Health – 4.7 million of the funding. It will be used to set up mobile crisis vans with trained personnel to assist to respond to police calls so it frees up law enforcement, 16 bed short stay, would like to contribute $500,000 to the new 120 long stay beds at Allenmore. Trying to work to get Mental Health and chemical substance abuse to be treated like physical health. 
Homelessness – Vets – 85 were counted in the county at the latest count. Part of the budget will go to helping women vets at the Soldiers Home – Betsy Ross ($250,000). They would like to help male Vets in partnership with others for about $500,000.
He talked about the committees he works on including the Puget Sound Regional Council (above the county level below the state level) and Sound Transit.
Raffle Drawing:    John Munn had a chance at the $729 pot but no luck this time. He drew the 8 of Clubs.
And now, notes from the April 12 meeting
Recorded by David Cotant, Edited by Tom McClellan
12:30  Call to Order by President James Hairston.  Invocation: Stephanie Walsh.  Flag Salute: Ed Trobaugh
Visiting Rotarians: Chris Easter, Lakewood Rotary.  Les Skelly: Williamsburg, VA and Shelton, WA
Visitors: Sarah Munn, wife of speaker John Munn.  Mark Clanton, a guest of Alice Peeples
Sunshine:  No report; but Charlie Maxwell was happy to report that he was sick of the rain.
Alan Billingsley: Parks Appreciation Day and Earth Day is April 22nd.  We will be working to clean up Ward’s Lake Park.  Rotarians are encouraged to participate 9 to 12 noon that Saturday.  Let Alan know.
Sheri Hodson:  We have a Rose order payment from Korzmo Construction: We have the check, but not information regarding the order.  Which Rotarian has Korzmo as a customer?  Please let Sheri know.
Bryan Christensen: Roses - - we have sold and accounted for 563 dozen.  We know that some orders have not come in, and we need to get all information in as soon as possible so that we can know how many yet to sell.
We need more help with delivery team on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Volunteer if you can.
12:37 pm  Gen Bill Harrison and Karen George arrived.  Excuses later.
New Member: Patrick Ahearne; CNO and COO of St. Clare Hospital.  Patrick has been attending as corporate member, but finally was officially made a member.  Patrick lives in Lacey.  Welcome Patrick.
Membership Survey: Paul talked about the survey, and will have results available for the Board Meeting on Friday, April 21.  The most important “Hands-On” effort that we as Rotarians can do is to come to the meetings.
Paul then went over the New-Member Proposal protocol: 
1.  Think of people you know that would like to be involved and enjoy Rotary as much as you do.  A list of likely Classifications was available as a handout
2.  Fill-out a Proposal Sheet (found on the website) and submit it to Paul or a Board member
3.  Board Approval then Membership Approval is needed BEFORE the future member is invited to join Rotary.  (There have been times that the proposal was not approved, and it is an embarrassment to the Rotarian Proposer when membership is denied.) Get approval first.
4.  Invite the future member to come to Rotary, and get an Orientation for New Member scheduled.
5.  Be a mentor to the new Rotarian, encourage them to attend meetings and to be involved in our projects.
12:47 pm  Joyce Loveday arrived.  Excuses later.
Fun and Fines with General Ed.  New member Patrick Ahearne and Red Badger Stephanie Walsh assisted.
Anne Winters: Birthday.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNE
Karl Roth (not in attendance) Officially the Assistant Chief of West Pierce Fire and Rescue.  Now the Legislative Representative for West Pierce P&R, and in Olympia much more.  Collection next week.
Stephanie Walsh: Turned in her signed roster and has completed Blue Badge requirements.  Red for Blue exchange next week.  This week she paid for a trip and failed roster signatures, discussed last week:  $100.00
Joy Taylor: 5 days and 4 nights in Cheney, WA for the Robotics Competition.  Team 360 failed to qualify, but they participated in production of the competition.  Joy’s husband is field manager for the competitions.  $45.00 to her PH.
Becky Newton:  Economic Development Report is now available on the Lakewood Website.   Adjacent to the Logo is a small down arrow; click it and that opens a drop-down menu.  Go down to Economic Development, and click Data.  That will open a map of the developing projects, descriptions of projects, and incentives for businesses to choose Lakewood.)   More than 1,300 sq ft are being developed currently at costs of more than $1.3 million.  $10 from Becky, $5 from Charlie Maxwell, and because Les Skelley was across the table, he got caught for an additional $5.
Chris Easter:  just making a visiting Lakewood Rotarian feel involved and welcome.  $2.00
General Bill Harrison and Karen George:  They attended the Dedication of the 7th ID headquarters today.  Dedication was in the name of General Moore.  Gen Ed added information that Gen. Moore led the 1st significant battle in Viet Nam that involved American troops.  He was an excellent soldier, and now deceased.  Good job, Gen Bill and Karen.
Joyce Loveday: CPTC Associated Student Government has been working with Pierce Transit to develop a low cost ridership available to college students.  ASG Pres. Annie Mafi was instrumental in pushing through this partnership, and today was the Ribbon Cutting.  Good Job Pres. Joyce.  The article regarding this partnership was reported in the Tacoma News Tribune, at
Today’s Speaker:  CP Rotarian John Munn
Lakewood Playhouse and the upcoming Season.
Lakewood Playhouse had a recent evening fund raiser where they hoped to raise $6,000.00 and at the end of the evening they had $30,000.00.  That will retire all the current debt of the Playhouse, including building and AC improvements.  In the next year they plan to continue with Capital Campaign that will provide for enlargement of the building to allow for more entry lobby, bathrooms, and storage space.
LIT Youth program will have a multitude of events.                         
-For 3-6 year olds Winnie the Pooh
-For Grades 1-6 Jack and the Beanstalk, and Preparing the Actor technique classes
-For Grades 1-12 Beauty and the Beast musical
-For Grades 4-12 We the People, Young Sherlock Holmes, Radio Play Vault of Horror, Music Theatre Revue.
-For Grades 7-12 Preparing the Actor II technique classes, and Advanced Play: Our Town
-By Audition Only: Once Upon a Mattress
-For Ages 18+  Master Audition Class with Kip Niven and Preparing the Actor III acting technique class.
-Multi-Generational Ages 7-90, Charlotte’s Web.
Playhouse Season #79
                Wait Until Dark:  Sept 8 – Oct 8  (This will be the CPRC event production)
                A Christmas Carol: November 24 - December 17
                Out of the Box “American Idiot”:  January 5 – 28th
                Peter and the Starcatcher:  March 30 – April 22
                Little Shop of Horrors: May 25 – June 24.
John told us that at age 8 he was full of energy, and his mother decided that the theatre would be a good use of his energy and talents.  He has been most grateful to her for this, and believes strongly in the youth theatre programs available through Lakewood Playhouse.  Scholarships for many students are required, and that is one reason that the Playhouse has ongoing fund raisers and requests.
The cost of Theatre production is not well understood and appreciated by the public.  The cost to produce a play such as It’s a Wonderful Life is more than $6,000.00. The production rights cost $1,500.00 alone plus all the set and costumes, and stipends.  A musical such as Rocky Horror Show costs nearly $16,000.00 with the production rights a significant $6,000.00 alone.  A musical production also involves a live band which again increases costs.  We have a very good bargain when we attend the local Lakewood Playhouse.  Enjoy it.
Funding of the Playhouse involves several local organizations, of which Crime Stoppers has been a major player.  Crime Stoppers has had their funding cut, so their contribution to the Playhouse is cut.  Clover Park Rotary had an increased fund request so that the Playhouse could sponsor by scholarship one more student.  Each of about 6 local organization has had the same request; about $375.00 per scholarship.
Lakewood Playhouse is working with PLU and other colleges to develop an accreditation program for the Acting Techniques classes which will allow actors from Lakewood to be better positioned as they seek opportunities in downtown Tacoma, Seattle and other cities.
1:25pm Raffle:  Ellie Carr’s ticket was pulled, and Jeannie Hill attempted to pull the Ace on Ellie’s behalf… no joy, a Queen.  $5.00.
Adjourn: 1: 30.