Choi Halladay detailing the great works of Pierce College
Upcoming Events
April 25 - Rose Sale packing and bundling party. See below.
April 26-27 - Rose Sale deliveries
May 18 - Greater Lakes Anniversary Fundraiser
May 20 - Rotary Club board meeting, 7:30 AM, Carr's Restaurant.
June 15 - Installation Banquet, 6:00 PM, Tacoma Golf & Country Club
Upcoming Meetings:
April 27 – No meeting - Rose Sale deliveries
May 4 – Speakers: Duke Paulson & Cornelia Thomas: Courage Classic, and the Mary Bridge Child Abuse Intervention Unit
       Note taker: Jim Hairston
       Invocation: Ellie Carr
       Greeter: TBD
May 11 – Speaker: Jordan Rash, Conservation Director, Forterra
       Note taker: Heidi Wachter
       Invocation: Substitute Needed
       Greeter: TBD
Meeting Notes, April 20, 2016
Call to Order: Pres. Joyce Loveday, precisely at 12:30 pm. Invocation was led by Randy Black, and the Pledge of Allegiance by Bonnie Kern.  Joyce Loveday led us in the 4-Way Test.
Future Programs: Tom McClellan
April 27 – There will be no meeting due to Rose Sale Deliveries
May 4 – Duke Paulsen and Cornelia Thomas from Multi-Care will share information about the upcoming Courage Classic Event
May 11 – Jordan Rash, Conservation Director, Forterra
Rose Sale
Jim Hairston highlighted the following dates and times:
    Monday Prep. Washington Floral;  2:30 – 5:30.  Signed up: Joyce Loveday, Joy Taylor, Karen Fengler Nichols, Teresa Nye, Bonnie Kern.
    Tuesday Deliveries;  Pick-up opens 6:30 am till about 2:00 pm. Signed up: David Cotant, Teresa Ny, Clarke Thomson.
    Wednesday Deliveries;  6:00 am till about 10:00 am.  Signed up: Helen McGovern Pilant, David Cotant, Tom McClellan, Jim Hairston.
Flowers still available (as of April 24): Red 25 doz.,  Yellow 50 doz.
Sunshine Report
By Karen George
General Bill Harrison was at Rotary meeting, in a spiffy new hot-rod, his foot doing well.
Sally Saunders reported that Larry Saunders' mother Doris is moving to Florida to be with her other son.
Tyee Park Elementary School Clean-up
David Cotant reported that about 10 Rotarians plus 6 or 7 from Bellarmine Robotics Team and 1 from Kiwanis worked for 4 hours.  We got a lot done; Spread bark and gravel, power washed the brick courtyards and pruned many of the bushes in the courtyard planters so sight level was raised and areas were generally more pleasant.  With better participation, we would have gotten all of the shrubs trimmed and brick areas washed.
Parks Appreciation Clean-up
Alan Billingsley; April 23rd, 9:00am till 12:00 noon.  Wards Lake Park, cleaning the ivy off the trees.
Fund requests approved by the board
Pres. Joyce announced the following:
    Shelter Box funding for 1 box, $1,000.00
    Springbrook Park; increased funding to $1,000.00
    Robotics Kit for Bellarmine Robotics Team to use with youth interaction at Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.
Test Your Knowledge
by Pres. Joyce Loveday
     Highest Rose Selling Rotarian?    Charlie Maxwell
     Second    David Cotant
     Third – Clarke Thomson
Fun and Fines
by Gen. Ed, with Anne Winters and Clarke Thomson
Ink: Helen McGovern Pilant (see below); Seniors Crunch Food Banks.  Feeding America, the nation's largest food bank organization listed seniors as on the top of the 6 main concerns .  Helen listed in the article.  $20.00
Failure to note full name:  Helen brought up a point of order to Gen Ed.  She has been married now for several years, Gen Ed was at her wedding, and he failed to recognize her by full name Helen McGovern Pilant.  [ed. note: Helen thankfully clarified, for those of us who have been wondering, about the proper pronunciation.  It is PILE-ant.  It is not pill-LANT.  Thanks Helen.]
Lakewood schools fail to track kids on buses: Rick Ring.  A Tacoma News Tribune article noted that scanning devices have been added to several buses in a pilot program [ed. note: PIE-lot, not PIE-lant] to track when and where students get on and off the buses. By next year, the district expect that all buses will likely be fitted with the scanning devices to better track kids as they use or don’t use the bus system.  Rick came prepared with a check for $50.00 in honor of his upcoming birthday, but since "future crimes" are not subject to fines, that contribution was not accepted.  So in the interest of keeping a clean checking account register, Rick offered up that very same $50 check for the news about tracking kids on buses.  
NW Sinfonietta: Jeannie Hill, 3 concerti [ed. note: Latin plural of concerto] this past weekend.  $5.00
Robotics Team to St. Louis: Joy Taylor and Sheri Hodson.  The Bellarmine Robotics Team 360 won the regional competition, and will compete against teams from the US, Canada, Turkey, China, Netherlands, Israel, and others.  The had to move more than 1,000 lbs. of gear to move to St. Louis, MO for the April 27-30 competition, in a crate which almost fell on Joy while being loaded.  Joy was ready to take that load, if needed to save the team's prospects.  See more about that competition at
Traveling: Choi Halladay, to India for 1 day to sign papers and deal with his father’s estate there.  Also to Stockholm and Reykjavik, Iceland with his wife Karen to celebrate his mother’s birthday.  Total $100.00.
This Week's Program
Coming right on the heels of Choi's travel fine, Tom McClellan re-introduced Choi Halladay as our guest speaker, in Choi's role as VP of Admin. Services at Pierce College, and more importantly as a CP Rotary Club member.
Pierce College's Mission: Creating quality educational opportunities for a diverse community of learners to thrive in an evolving world.
1.  Pierce College has 3 campuses [ed. note: in Latin, that would be Campi]
a.  Ft. Steilacoom: about 10,000 students per year.  Average age 29 y/o.  Rainier Building is the newest building addition for Science and Planetarium.  The Dental Hygiene Clinic is open to the public for dentistry and hygiene.  The program will be a bachelor program in 1 year.  Health Education Facility and Gym was totally paid for with student fees.
b.  Puyallup: about 11,000 students per year.  Average age 23 y/o.  Arts and Allied Health is newest building addition.  Nursing and Concert venues housed in that facility. 
c.  JBLM: about 5,000 students per year, but this census [ed. note: these censi] fluctuates with deployments.
Child Development Centers are available at each campus, and these aid the Early Childhood Learning Studies.  This study area will be soon become a 4-year Bachelor Degree program.
International Studies includes students from Korea, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, and others.  This represents about 400 students.  Housing for these students may become available in a recently purchased apartment complex along Steilacoom Blvd.  For now, though, they are still seeking host families within a 45 minute bus ride from either the Ft. Steilacoom and Puyallup campus. 
Several major companies collaborate with Pierce in the development of new programs, including  Boeing, and St. Clare Hospital.
2.  Data Analytics:
Pierce College is partnering with a data analytics firm, gathering data on thousands of data fields in an effort to understand the factors predicting the success or failure of students.  The gathering of a variety of information can help predict whether a student who initially enrolls with the intent to gain a degree will be able to complete a 2 year degree within 3 years; and to help identify students who may be at risk for dropping out for some reason.  The college hopes to better provide opportunities for student success in a field of their choice and for employment success.  Current success for a 2 year degree within 3 years is 40%.
Raffle: Sheri Hodson - $5.00.
Adjourn: 1:30 pm