Posted by Tom McClellan on Sep 05, 2019
Macadamia nuts are a national treasure. And so were the crew of the USS Indianapolis.
Weekly meeting notes for September 4, 2019
Recorded by Tom McClellan
Photos by Tom McClellan
Edited by David Hall
President Ellie Carr started the meeting 1 minute late, despite being prodded by the Program Coordinator (who is also your scribe this week).  Alan Billingsley offered an invocation, with a special prayer request to keep safe all who are in the path of Hurricane Dorian.  David Hall led us enthusiastically in a salute to the flag.
There were no visiting Rotarians, but we did have notable guests including Serena Rotondo, who is an Americorps volunteer with West Pierce Fire and Rescue.  Jeannie Hill introduced her “Wyoming Family”, Joanna and John Kloepper.  And at the far back table were the Billingsley Boys, James and Harrison plus Gavin Carr.  Gavin was notably spotted wearing vinyl gloves and getting some OJT from father Chris Carr concerning the finer points of food service. 
David Hall conducted a brief ceremony to honor the Rotarians who have volunteered to serve as note takers. 
Sydna Koontz announced that the Barn Bingo event on Friday, Sep. 6 was sold out!  Thanks to all who are supporting this event.  [Late Note: organizers state that there may still be a few tickets available if you show up at 6PM Friday at the McGavick Conference Center.]
Alan Billingsley again thanked all who participated at the Rotary work party at the South Sound Wildlife Area.  Please put it on your calendars that Oct. 12 will be our next work day there, details of the tasks involved are being developed.  And on Sep. 21, we will have a small work crew there to do pressure washing.  Alan is looking for 1 or 2 more helpers on Sep. 21, and you don’t even need to own a pressure washer.  Please email if you can help out on Sep. 21. 
Future Programs:
Sep. 11            Kylee Durant, The USO
Sep. 18            Brenna Doyle, Child Trafficking
Sep. 25            Scott Adams, WPFD Cares Program
President Ellie Announced that September 4 is National Macadamia Nut Day.  The nuts are named for John MacAdam, who first cultivated them.  They were introduced into the Hawaiian Islands first as an ornamental plant, and it was only later that people figured out that their nuts were pretty tasty. 
Fun And Fines
With finemaster extraordinaire General Ed Trobaugh away on unspecified business (which he told Tank Hairston about 1 hour before the meeting), the duties were delegated to 3rd stringer Alan Billingsley.  Alan started off by demanding an entire U.S. dollar from all who failed to appear at the August 24 work party. 
That demand was met by a point of order from 2nd string finexecutrix Marie Barth, who had worked hard to host an after-work-party-party, but who was not there at the Wildlife Area.  Alan took pity on Marie, and adjusted his demand such that she would only be expected to pay one dollar. 
Scrambling for material, Alan then opened up the floor for $5 confessions.  They included:
  • Hallie McCurdy, who took a 9-day boat trip with her husband through the San Juan Islands.
  • Ellie Carr, who took a cargo trailer on a trip to Yakima, and brought back 13 cases of wine (for investigative purposes, it was said).  Finemaster Alan B. took that opportunity to mention that this wine purchase came about via a contact with a District 5030 Rotarian, a vintner, who they met at a previous OysterFest.  You can get details on the next one, to be held Oct. 5-6 in Shelton, WA at  It includes the West Coast Oyster Shucking Championship!!
  • Dave Hall, who won a Presidential Voluntary Service award for his work with Shelterbox.
  • Bob Lawrence, who spent 3 days in San Diego with 3 grandsons.
  • John Munn, who mentioned that Lakewood Playhouse just won an award for best Youth Theater Program for the Velveteen Rabbit, and a Best Actor and Best Play award for Angels in America.  These awards were from the South Sound State Excellence Awards (out of 5 area theaters). 
  • Becky Newton, for 4 days with her husband in a cabin out on the Hood Canal (which did reportedly include some non-competitive oyster-shucking).
This Week’s Program
Karen George presented some of the history of the USS Indianapolis, which was the ship which secretly transported the 2 atomic bombs from California to Tinian Island, in preparation for them being dropped on Japan in August 1945.  After it left Tinian, it proceeded to Guam in preparation for the invasion of Okinawa.  It was torpedoed at night by a Japanese submarine, and sunk in only 12 minutes. 
300 men went down with the ship, and 900 were in the water.  Sharks were a big threat, and it took 4 days before the escaping crew were rescued.  Only 316 survived.  Captain Charles McVay III was court-martialed for not zig-zagging his ship, but his crew members stood by him.  Even the Japanese submarine captain who sunk the Indianapolis appeared at Capt. McVay’s trial, and said that there was nothing that the captain could have done.  It was a pop-up opportunity, and a lucky shot.  The captain eventually took his own life.
A narrative of the ship’s story appeared in the movie Jaws, which led an 11-year old boy to do more digging into the whole story.  His work helped to bring public awareness to the mission and the crew.  A memorial was dedicated 50 years after the sinking. 
$686 in the pot, 11 cards in the deck, of which 2 are aces.  Georgene Mellom had the winning ticket, but no joy in drawing an ace.  $5
And Finally…
That Aladdin dude… sure he had a tough upbringing.  And yes... we know he won the heart of the princess.  But he sure parks like a jerk.