And a Mighty Fine Job Was Done By P-E John!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Notes
September 11, 2019 
Notes taken by Jim Hairston
Photos provided by Tom McClellan and Dave Hall 
Edited by Dave Hall
Our gathering was called to order by President-Elect John Munn at 12:30pm. John's newly-shorn look is a result of his role of Master Sergeant Merwin Toomey, in the Lakewood Playhouse production of "Biloxi Blues". (Editor's note: The entire cast delivers an excellent performance!)
Today’s Greeter was Jeanne Hill. The Invocation was delivered by Randy Black and the Pledge was led by Bob Lawrence.
Today’s Visitors:
Former Clover Park Rotarian and longtime friend Les Skelly
Kylee Durant, daughter of Rotarian Ramona Hinton (and today’s guest speaker)
Harrison Billingsley
Sherman McClellan, Tom's Dad
Future Programs:
September 18 – Brenna Doyle: Pierce College
September 25 – Scott Adams (no, not the "Dilbert" cartoonist.) from West Pierce Fire & Rescue
October 2 – Joyce Loveday (NOTE: Our meeting will be at CPTC New Center for Advanced Manufacturing, NOT at Carr's!)
Alan Billingsley –announced 3 upcoming activities:  Sep 19 at 5:00 pm, we'll be serving hotdogs at Custer Elementary's "Back To School Night; October 10, Custer Elementary Takeover at McDonalds on the corner of Hipkins St and Steilacoom Blvd; and October 12th is the next work party at the South Sound Wildlife Refuge.  Sign-up sheets for each event will be distributed in advance of the event.
Memorable fines with Gen Ed! ...assisted by Ramona & Brandon 
Teresa Nye settled a Wachter in honor of her 23rdanniversary; Fred Willis –explained the significance of listing the fact that you are a “Paul Harris” fellow can have on a resume; Sheri Hodson ratted on John Munn; Gen Ed – described his family reunion trip and settled up on his payment.
Today’s Program: USO Director of Program Development Kylee Durant
Kylee grew up as a “Rotarian Kid” in Michigan.  Kylee Durant is married to an Army veteran and currently works in military transition services for the USO, which was first organized in 1941. The USO has increased its services to the active duty military and is evolving and adapting its services to better meet needs. The USO sees its mission as strengthening America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation.
The USO is not a part of the Federal Government and depends on the generosity of service organizations, corporations and individuals to fund its operations.  Many volunteers are the key to the USO’s successful endeavors.  The organization has more than 230 Centers worldwide spanning 7 continents and 31 states.
There are currently 3 major programs they support:  Expeditionary outreach services and support; entertaining service and family members around the world and providing Transition support to military members and spouses as they exit the military.  
If you would like to donate to the USO, the easiest way to to do so online: 
Raffle Drawing:
With $738 in the pot, Ramona Hinton could not pull on of two aces remaining in the 9 card deck!.... $5.00 collected.    Be there on September 18 to try your luck! 
And Finally... 
The real reason behind Baby Boomer parents throwing their hands in the air venting their frustration!