No Cheeseburgers in Paradise, and How We Can Help Stop Human Trafficking
Clover Park Rotary Club Meeting Minutes: September 18, 2019 (9.18.19) a palindrome.
Recorded by David Cotant, Photos by Tom McClellan
*Call to order: President Ellie. 12:30 pm
*Invocation: David Cotant
*Salute to the Flag: Teresa Nye
*4-way test: Pres. Ellie
*Visiting Rotarians: Les Skelly (who hadn't signed in on the guest sheet, but was excused due to Les being one of only 2  Charter Members present at this meeting.)
*Guests: (and those who might wish to be a Rotarian) Tho Kraus, introduced by Council Member  Marie Barth.
Levi Harrison introduced by Marie, but brought by Lisa Blevins.  Kyra Koubek, the speaker, introduce by Tom McClellan, and Harrison Billingsley introduced by Pres. Ellie.
*Sunshine Report: Jeannie Hill:
 The memorial for Alice Peeples to be held at Mountain View Memorial Park, Aspen Chapel.  September 29, 2019, 1:00pm.  Put this on your calendars to recognize and memorialize out past member and friend.
*Back to School Night: Alan Billingsley; Custer Elementary School, Hot Dog Feed: 4:30 pm Volunteers needed.
*Signature Project Work Day: Alan Billingsley; The next work day at the Game Farm on Phillip’s Road will be October 12th.  We will be working on the Landscape Wall. We will have a team from Pierce College and from Lakewood Rotary Club.  As in the past, we will likely have workers from the Oakbrook Community.
* Upcoming Programs: Tom McCellan:
            Next week: Scott Adams speaking on West Pierce Fire Service programs.
            Oct. 2nd: Meeting will be at Clover Park Technical College, Center for Advanced Manufacturing.
                 Not at Carr’s Restaurant.
            Oct. 9th Alfonso Gordenes
*President’s  Moment: Today is National Cheese Burger Day.  There is controversy of where and when the cheese burger was invented: Los Angeles, Louisville, Denver or by Gus Belt (Founder of Steak n' Shake in Normal, Illinois.)
Fines with Gen Ed, assisted by Red Badgers Ramona Hinton and Lisa Blevins:
*Cotant and McClellan Palindrome 9.18.19: $2.00 each
*Judge Susan Adams; 17th Anniversary and leave early for Veteran’s Court.
*Sydna Koontz; 53rd Anniversary.
*Bob Lawrence; Birthday and 72nd Anniversary of US Air Force.
*Marie Barth; Motor Ave. Plaza Grand Opening Celebration: Reported comments from participants about how great is this new plaza. $50
*Bob Lawrence; Mistakenly ratted out Marie as being late, when she had signed in prior to the bell. $5
*Hallie McCurdy; Son of to PLU and out of the house. $20
*Ellie Carr; 4 days in Las Vegas, no kids and away from work plus a Wachter. $100
*Lisa Blevins; attended opening night of Biloxi Blues at the Lakewood Playhouse. Marvelous, don’t miss it. $5 (Editor's Note: Lisa is correct! This is a GREAT production, well-acted, and IMHO even better than the movie!)
*Ramona Hinton; Lemay Car Museum outing with Charlie Maxwell.  This was the Most Amazing thing. $20
Letter from Charlie Maxwell: Charlie regrettably must resign from Clover Park Rotary Club.  Life brings change, and Charlie is off to new adventures.  President Ellie said she refused to accept his resignation, and that Charlie will always be a “member” of this club, , and welcome at any time. (Note: The Board formally designated Charlie Maxwell as a Member Emeritus.)
Today's Program: 
Kyra Doubek:
Washington Trafficking Prevention, Executive Director
There is an endless supply of people being exploited, targeted and trafficked.
Force, Fraud and Coercion: using people for anything that has value to the trafficker: sex, labor and immigration being the primary value targets.  Sex with minors and massage parlors being the major crimes identified by police in this area. 
Primary Targets: Youth (52 % being African American)
            Indigenous Women are often not reported as missing or murdered.
            Foster Care system has a lot of unrecognized abuse and trafficking
            Homeless people are often in their situation due to sex trafficking
            LGBTQ community, though small, is a significant target.
According to a 2008 King County Study, on any given day 300 – 500 people are trafficked for sex.  The number is now much greater due to the advent of Social Media and Cellphones.
Washington Trafficking Prevention is trying to address the problem by:
1. Provide Services to people experiencing exploitation.
2. Demand Reduction and Address Sex Buying
3. Public education to reduce stigma and gain public support for those who have been trafficked.
            Middle School and High School is the main focus of efforts.  However, targets commonly report that the 7th grade is their last grade of school because they were captured or coerced into sex trade. 
Kyra reports that she was trafficked as a young girl, and when rescued, a mentor said
*Get over It, *Quit wishing it didn’t happen, and *Help others.  She was initially annoyed by the comments, and then began to understand the wisdom of the comments.
Women are not the only targets, it is everyone and everywhere.
It is easier for someone to buy sex, with less risk of punishment than to steal a candy bar.  
Parents: Pay attention to your child’s cellphone content, activity and conversations.
Sad Kids (not Bad kids) are targeted.
Today's Raffle: Marie Barth had a lucky ticket for a chance at the Big Jackpot, but alas, she failed to draw an ace.
And Finally...
If Chris and Ellie Carr opened a Days Inn next to their restaurant...