Red Badge x 2, Blue Badge x 1, Drop Some Silver and Greenbacks to End Polio!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Notes
October 23, 2019 
Notes taken by Sheri Hodson
Photos provided by Tom McClellan
Edited by Dave Hall
Today’s Greeter was the fabulous  Jeannie Hill. The Invocation was delivered by Alan Billingsley.
Visiting Rotarians – None today.
Visitors – Tho Kraus and Kyra Doubek for the last time as they were installed as Rotarians later in the meeting. Darryl Owens introduced Sylvie Johnson and Tom McClellan introduced our guest speaker, Mary Krauszer. Katelyn Billingsley proudly introduced her son, Harrison Billingsley. 
Sunshine Report – Nothing to report today.
Future Programs:
October 30 –   Mic McDaniel on Tacoma South Rotary India Water Project
November 6 –  Mary Hermann on Associated Ministries Paint Tacoma Beautiful Program
November 13 – Jeffrey Hager on Hands for Peacemaking, Guatemala
President Ellie –  Ellie will be meeting with Emergency Food Network, EFN, to see if we can get a better bang for our buck by joining forces with EFN on our holiday food gift baskets.  
Dave Hall introduced a special milk can. It is labeled for the End Polio Now campaign. Today we passed it around the room. In future weeks it will be next to Tom Faubion as we check in. This is not for your regular Polio Plus donations that are to be credited to your Rotary Foundation donation record.  Bring your pocket change to the meeting, and drop it in the can. This money will be credited to the club's efforts to End Polio Now!
Katelyn Billingsley – Shared more about the Rotary Foundation and End Polio campaign. She has posted a link on our Facebook page. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the Donate button. John Munn shared how easy it was to do – he did it while Katelyn was still sharing. She also shared about the triple match provided by the Gates Foundation.
Alan Billingsley –  We are sponsoring the STEM gathering at Custer Elementary by providing snacks at the event. No volunteers needed. Next commitment is Reading Night in March.
John Munn – Next year’s Installation Banquet will be at the Tacoma Country and Golf Club but downstairs. It is important to John to encourage the next generation to attend Rotary functions. Being on the lower level it will open up to the grassy area outside, giving people room to move a bit more. There is also a kids’ room for once the Installation part of the evening starts. He also asked if we had a preference of having the standard 3 choices for dinner or if would we prefer a buffet with more choices. He will follow up with an email to ensure everyone has a voice, though the buffet option appreared to be more popular by an informal show of hands.  The banquet program will be modified to accommodate the time to stand in a buffet line, if that's our preference. Tacoma Golf and Country Club will also offer a "Youth Plate" at a reduced price.
President Ellie invited our two new Rotarians, Kyra Doubek and Tho Kraus and their sponsors, Tom McClellan and Marie Barth up to receive their coveted red badges, Rotary pin and packet that includes their roster list. Please remember to introduce yourself and sign their sheet. Congratulations and welcome to Clover Park Rotary!!!
Ellie presented Darryl Owens with his Blue Badge. Congratulations Darryl!
President’s Minute: 
Today is National Slug your coworker day. Ellie chose to focus on World Polio Day instead. She read the history of Polio and the battle to end it from Rotary International website. Here is the link which also provides a link to Donate and have it matched by the Gates Foundation.
General Ed was assisted by Kyra and Tho for Fun and Fines. 
Becky Newton took care of her $20 Wachter. She also paid another $40 for sharing an update on the Clear Zone at McChord Field  and the $80 million contract to assist relocating some of the tenants in the Clear Zone. Becky also let us know that the Starlight Drive-in is gone and the new 300,000 square foot Industrial Center is well underway.
We sang Happy Birthday to Tom McClellan and wished Hallie and David McCurdy a Happy 19th anniversary!
Judge Susan Adams ran in to the meeting to check in early however, she “illegally” parked temporarily. She had the vehicle moved before the meeting started.
Some cross “ratting” went on between Marie Barth and Tho Kraus. Tho had video and photos of Marie and Judy Lawrence, wife of Bob Lawrence participating in a fashion show as runway Supermodels. Marie shared that Tho was honored to attend a Leadership conference in South Carolina. It took place at the College of Charleston, MBA Executive Education Division.  
Today’s Program: Mary Krauszer on Shore Friendly Pierce Program
Shore Friendly Pierce's main purpose is to help restore the Puget Sound shoreline in Pierce County. They work with other counties as well. It is a non-regulator group that helps property owners who reside along the shore. She described the importance of where land and water meet and how shorelines are developed and change over time. 
She shared about building on the beaches and how sometimes it is important to build walls but other times it really hurts the shoreline and the ecosystem that depends on it. Approximately 25% of the Puget Sound shorelines are “armored” meaning there is some sort of wall or bulk head. This prevents the natural disbursement of sediment which creates the shoreline. In Pierce County it is approximately 60%. The group has worked to remove some of these barriers and she showed before and after pictures of the shoreline and how they recovered. Many barriers are ready to be repaired or removed so they work with the property owners. The groups goal is to safely restore the beaches.
By improving these areas the ecosystems respond with new algae, small fish, and the food chain improves all the way to creating better food supply for the Orcas.
 Raffle Drawing: Sheri Hodson had the lucky number but was unable to pull an ace or joker out of the very tall deck of cards. She drew the Jack of Clubs. The pot of $182 is left intact for next week. 
And Finally...
The New Clover Park Rotary Coffee Mugs are HERE!!!  Dave Hall will bring a carton to our next meeting on October 30th. Mugs are $4.00 each, or two for $8.00!