We Are Thankful!
Although there were no turkeys present today (Please, no sarcasm!), we dined on an excellent pumpkin soup and had pumpkin roll for dessert. Thus in the Thanksgiving mood, President Heidi kicked off the meeting by recognizing a member AND a guest for exceptional service to Rotary and to Lakewood:
Clubmember and City Councilmember Marie Barth, and her guest, Assistant City Manager Tho Kraus, received the now-iconic "Chocolate Bars of Recognition" for their achievement.
We were also VERY happy to have Debbie Billingsley join us for lunch, and also Judi Maier's Significant Other, Tom Wie!
There were a few key announcements:
1. Joyce Oubre requested all members who have pledged money for our Christmas Shopping foray on December 2, to PLEASE mail a check to our club P.O. Box as soon as possible!
2. Next week's Guest Speaker will be former Lakewood City Manager, now current Director of South Sound 9-1-1 Andrew Neiditz, who will provide an update on their new facility project.
General Ed was in a "Fine Mood" today, and co-opted guest Tho Kraus to collect the levied assessments:
Among those feeling General Ed's attention, President Heidi and Joyce Loveday celebrated birthdays, Tank Hairston, Karen Fengler-Nichols, and Joyce Loveday accounted for out-of-town adventures. (Congrats to Karen and her sister, Anne Winters, for helping to crew the second-place finisher Dragon Boat at a competition in Florida!)
Fine-ally, Charlie Maxwell announced he's been hired to portray Santa Claus, thanks to his impressive beard!
Today's program featured Bob Riler, a manager at Pierce County's Aging and Disability Resource Center. Bob laid out some sobering statistics about our senior population (i.e. a significant percentage of retired residents exist solely on their Social Security pensions). Fortunately, Bob's agency, which operates with federal and state funds, but no county dollars, is positioned to provide assistance in the form of referrals, health care, transportation, employment, and education/outreach resources. Seniors, disabled residents, and their caregivers, are eligible for this help...free of charge!
Tom Faubion finished the meeting with our customary raffle: Carr's own Scott once again had the winning ticket, but alas, didn't draw an ace. The pot, which has grown to over $300, still awaits.
And Finally...
When the Department of Homeland Security adopted a "Camus-flage" uniform...