Munn The Munificent Presides, and The Bike Patrol Abides!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Highlights: May 8, 2019
Notes taken by The Fighting Leprechaun; Photo Credit by The (Formerly) Flying Financial Guru
Vice Prez John Munn stepped up to honcho today's meeting on short notice, which he described as being akin to serving as a Human Cannonball. He thanked Prez-Elect Ellie Carr for "Lighting the fuse".
We welcomed a visiting Rotarian, Ramona Hinton, from Rockford Michigan. 
BIG NEWS! Sydna Koontz and Bob Lawrence announced the Lakewood Community Foundation's "Make It A Million!" campaign officially reached its goal, with the help of Clover Park Rotarians. That's amazing work on the part of Foundation members and contributors!

General Ed performed his usually-adept pecuniary punishments, adding a strongly worded admonishment to support our upcoming CPRI social/fundraiser, which in case anyone needs to be reminded, is on Friday, May 31, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Over 30 spots have been sold, out of 100 possible.  Alan Billingsley added a suprise announcement: Our own Joyce Oubre has generously purchased 10 spots on the board! Thank you, Joyce!!!!
Today's program featured one of Lakewood Police Department's most talented street cops, Lieutenant Jeff Alwine, who just happened to be celebrating his 50th birthday. Council Member Marie Barth led the club in singing "Happy Birthday" to this indomitable public safety leader...
Lt Alwine talked about the revitalized Police Bike Patrol, which he leads with great gusto.  This is an additional duty assignment for 10 officers. They perform patrols during special community events, such as SummerFest, National Night Out, Concerts in the Park, and in the Lakewood Towne Centre during the holiday season. Bike cops also patrol city "hot spots" in a very effective manner, riding almost 600 miles since the first of the year. In addition to their enhanced stealthiness, LPD's Bike Cops are also able to connect with residents in a more personal manner. They make it a point to ride by schools and meet up with the kids at recess, and chat with pedestrians and business owners. The officers also reap a personal benefit: Riding a bike while wearing the full complement of law enforcement gear provides a great fitness level!
Perhaps as a reward for his willingness to preside over the meeting, VP John's raffle ticket was drawn. Alas, no $400 remun(n)eration was in the cards...but John did get his $5 investment back!