Only Winners, No Losers, and Oh, the Humane-ity!
Clover Park Rotary Meeting Highlights March 20, 2019
Recorded and Edited by Dave Hall
Photo Credit: Tom McClellan
President Heidi emulated The Flying Wallendas by perfectly reciting the Rotary Vision Statement without a safety net!
SUNSHINE REPORT: This one contained a mix of good and bad news.
In the “Good News” category, Katelyn Billingsley delivered a Future Rotarian, Harrison Jude, a 3 lb 4 oz St Patrick’s Day surprise! Harrison is doing well in the NICU. Also, Georgene Mellom’s  recovery is continuing well, and she hopes to rejoin our meetings soon! Speaking of surgical recoveries, Bob Lawrence jumped on the O.R. Bandwagon, and is likewise Not Operationally Ready for a bit.
Sadly, we learned that Clover Park Rotary Past President Laura Johnson passed away recently. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.
PRESIDENT’S RECOGNITION: While there’s probably no intent to schmooze our corps of Fine Masters, some may find it suspicious that back-up Fine Mistress Marie Barth was chosen as Rotarian of the Month, immediately subsequent to last month’s honoree, General Ed. However, considering Marie’s stellar contributions to the Club, including recruiting new members, staunchly supporting every project, and surviving Sir Wallace the Dog Vandal, her selection seems legit.
By the way, for those of you readers who have slacked off in your meeting attendance, the upcoming slate of speakers should entice you to show up!
(Plus, we miss you!)
March 27: State Rep Mari Leavitt
April 3: The Mission Continues (Veteran’s Service Org) Tacoma 1stPlatoon Leader, Eric Ballentine 
April 10: Pierce County Prosecutor Mary Robnett
More activities:
March 26: Come out and support Custer Elementary’s Literacy Night by helping serve the hot dog dinner, and then read to the kiddies! 5:00 pm- 7:00 pm.
April 16: Clover Park Technical College Scholarship Celebration Dinner/Fundraiser, 5:30 pm at the McGavick Center.
May 31: Clover Park Rotary Invitational, aka CPRI (pronounced “Capri”). Back after an 8-year hiatus, CPRI promises to be a fun social event, with cool cash and prizes, and will raise money for our annual School Holiday Support Activities. 6 pm to 10 pm at Carr’s. (Official flyer coming soon!)
Tom Faubion once more found himself on the hot seat (which he alleviated by standing), called to account for a 2011 CPRI bargain. Tom managed to finagle acquisition of a sturdy PAKTEK tent, which had been donated by Alan Billingsley, for a mere pittance of $50. Tom extolled the virtues of said tent at last week’s meeting, which triggered General Ed’s pecuniary targeting system. Tom’s attempt to mitigate whatever fine was in the offing was based on the unsuitability of the otherwise outstanding shelter to keep its occupants warm in frigid temperatures. This defense was not only unsuccessful, but in the photo documenting Tom’s impassioned oration, it appears that Alan Billingsley reacted to the maligning of one of his tent creations as if he had taken a punch to the gut. 
Stuart Earley, CEO of the Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society, provided a fascinating look at the future of animal rescue and sheltering in our area. Mr. Earley is originally from the UK, where he had a distinguished career with a number of eminent sheltering organizations. 
The most significant takeaway from Stuart’s presentation was the overwhelming need to expand the TPCHS’s infrastructure and services. He pointed out that their current facility falls short of meeting even the minimum UK standards for animal shelters. 
For more information, or to volunteer/donate, go to:
Alan Billingsley added to his notable week by drawing an Ace, which added $912 to his wallet! Congratulations!
And Finally…
Every profession is viewed differently from the inside and outside. In a nod to cops past, present, and future, here’s a breakdown for law enforcement: