Posted by Tom McClellan on Aug 01, 2019
A moveable fort, a new John Deere, and a toast to avocados
Meeting Notes, for the July 31, 2019 meeting of the
Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Tom McClellan
Photos by Tom McClellan
Edited by Tom McClellan
Humor mostly by others
President Ellie Carr got us off to an on-time start once again.  General Ed Trobaugh has not been able to fine a president for starting late for several years now, although your scribe has now likely jinxed that record just by mentioning it.  You don’t talk about a no-hitter during a no-hitter.
Bob Lawrence led us with an invocation, and Carr’s server Brie Eubank led us in the salute to our nation’s flag. 
We welcomed visiting Rotarians Ralph Lockhart (with wife Wendy), and John Short who has just moved to the area and is looking for a new Rotary home.  Hopefully John will be back with us again next week, so say hi to John when you meet him.
August 24 work party at the South Sound Wildlife Refuge, 0900-1300.  Look for an email from honcho Alan Billingsley with full details.
And then right after the work party, come to Marie Barth’s house for a 1330-1600 summer pot-luck get-together.  You can shower off your work party grime in her cabana, and then put on a swimsuit (this is important) and have a dip in her pool. 
Golf Tournament is this Saturday, August 3.  Those Rotarians who can help, please arrive at the VA Golf Course at 0630 to assist golfers with check-in.  Please email Jim Hairston at to let him know you are coming. 
Bob Lawrence mentioned that this year’s Arts Fest is going to be September 13-15 at the McGavick Center.  Doors open each day at 1200.  Get more details at
Future Programs
August 7 – Georgia Lomax, The Pierce County Library System
August 14 – District Governor Maureen Fritz-Roberts*
August 21 – Kerri Pedrick, Communities in Schools
*The August 14 meeting will be a joint one with the Tacoma South and Passport Clubs’ members joining us.  Get there early to get a seat, as about 60 people are expected that day. 
National Avocado Day
Carr’s Restaurant had guacamole and chips on all of the tables to help us celebrate National Avocado Day.  Did you know that there are 1,062 different varieties of avocados?  It was apparently first domesticated in around 3,000 B.C., and first cultivated in the U.S. in 1833.
Check Presentation
President Ellie presented a check from our club’s charities account to John Munn, on behalf of the Lakewood Playhouse.  The money will go toward summer camp scholarships for young aspiring actors who cannot afford the camp tuition. 
Fun And Fines
General Ed got started immediately with John Munn, who had just received the big check.  Figuring he was going to “get it” anyway, John took the opportunity to pass out pamphlets advertising all of the fun that can be had at the Playhouse this year.  Their total audience count for last year was 14,000.  One point to look forward to this year will be our Theater Benefit in April 2020, when we will get to view Agatha Christie’s “Murder On The Nile”.  John offered $10 as the fine, and General Ed said that was fine.
Bob Lawrence left his phone unattended, but won the auction to purchase it back for $17.
Ellie Carr ratted ($2) on her father Alan Billingsley, who finally bought a long-coveted tractor to help maintain his 6-acre “spread”.  Look for that tractor to make an appearance at the upcoming Wildlife Refuge work party.  General Ed also noted that Alan had gotten a tiny bit of ink in a Suburban Times article about our club adopting the Wildlife Refuge.  Your faithful scribe hastens to point out that it was really the club which got the ink in that article, which is something we should encourage. 
Heidi Wachter took another long road trip to Sun Valley for a figure skating competition, where her daughter took 2nd place, and also got to meet famous figure skater Scott Hamilton.  Mother Heidi then pulled up some YouTube videos of Scott Hamilton so that her daughter could get to find out who the guy is. 
General Ed welcomed our visiting Rotarians, and invited them to feel like they were part of the festivities by raising their right hands and having $2 in them.  John Short offered up a sawbuck ($5) because he was feeling the spirit.  Ralph Lockhart offered to also kick in $5, “as long as you do” (meaning Ed Trobaugh).  Ed reluctantly agreed, and then was encouraged by Ramona Hinton to also match John Short's $5.  Careful, Ramona, Ed has a long memory. 
This Week’s Speaker
Dorothy Wilhelm became famous in our area through her 10-year run as host of the TV Show, “My Home Town”, which highlighted local landmarks of interest.  She is also a proud military wife, widow, and mother, and has been a national speaker, award-winning broadcaster, and writer for the past 35 years.  Her humor column appears in the News Tribune and The Olympian.
Dorothy shared some stories from her new book, “True Tales of Puget Sound”, highlighting some lesser known bits of fascinating history.  She included the story of how the historic Fort Nisqually ended up getting moved to Point Defiance Park, from its original site in Dupont.  After the meeting, she autographed copies of her book.  If you missed out, find it and more at Dorothy’s blog site,
Rookie Rafflemeister Mike Killen did a great job, with very little supervision on his first outing (thanks to Tom Faubion and David Cotant being away amassing fineworthy experiences).  He reported that there are 16 cards left in the deck, of which 2 are aces, and the pot stands at $435.  Jim Hairston had the winning ticket, but drew a king and got $5.
And Finally…
Here is the real synopsis of Romeo and Juliet:
Romeo and Juliet