Being President Is No Picnic, Unless You're Ellie Carr!
In her first meeting as President, Ellie Carr changed things up a bit, treating members to a picnic lunch at the site of our next service project: The old Phillips Road Game Farm! Although this al fresco gathering had some of the trappings of a regular meeting, (i.e. sign-in roster, announcements), it was definitely OUTSIDE...and amid wildlife.
President Ellie conducted business with a steady hand, first presenting a $500 donation to Diane Formoso, leader of "Caring For Kids". Our donation is to assist Diane's organization with moving into their new home in the coming months.
Taking care of some unfinished business, President Ellie presented Past-President Heidi with the certificate designating Clover Park Rotary as achieving the coveted "Presidential Citation" during Heidi's year at the top. Heidi, as usual, deferred any personal credit, instead lauding our club members for accomplishing the necessary tasks to earn this accolade. 

REMINDERS: Our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament happens exactly one month from today! Our goal is for every member to bring in at least one 4-person group, and a tournament sponsor. Players can sign up via our CPR website, or pay by check. We need folks to visit area Rotary Clubs and pump up the rivalry! Tank Hairston will be meeting with the tournament committee before next week's gathering.
Also, club dues invoices went out this week. Deadline for payment is August 2nd. No online payment option at this time.
Once the business part of our meeting was concluded, Service Project Director Alan Billingsley took the, field, outlining the general concept of our partnership with WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. Our shared goal is to gently restore the last significant unimproved parkland in Lakewood into an 80-acre Urban Wildlife Interpretive Center. This concept is similar to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, which retains the natural characteristics of flora and fauna, while allowing humans to observe and enjoy the unspoiled landscape.
Darric Lowery, Wildlife Area Manager for our region, is our main point of contact for the project. He expressed his great enthusiasm and appreciation for our club's intent to adopt this site, and make it more accessible to the public. Darric and Alan provided a brief history of this area, which still operates as a salmon hatchery and wildlife refuge. In previous decades, the facility was used to breed and raise pheasants, and served as a rehab site for injured animals, including deer, and even the occasional black bear!
Clubmembers asked a lot of great questions, and there's strong support for this project!
Alan and Debbie Billingsley took everyone on a short orientation tour of the property, which includes a historic family cemetery. (The Byrd Family were pioneers, establishing a farm and mill on this site in the 1850s.) Debbie grew up in a farmhouse on the edge of the current game farm.
More information will be forthcoming!
There were no "Fun and Fines" or raffle today, but General Ed promised everyone that he will make up for lost time next week!