Holiday Stories, Holiday Baskets, and Post-Holiday Programs!
Our meeting was even more relaxed than usual, with President Heidi whipping the small but enthusiastic crowd into a joyful exuberance! After the usual preliminaries, which included welcoming visiting Grays Harbor Rotarian (formerly of LWR) Ralph Lockhart, several committee directors provided brief status reports. 
Ralph Lockhart (right)
Teresa Nye noted the revised date for our premier fundraiser, the 2nd Annual CPR Golf Tournament, is Saturday, August 3, 2019. The theme is "Pierce County Rotary Challenge", which means we will be spreading the word early and often amongst our fellow PC Rotarians!
Also, our Club Secretary and Program Chair, the multi-talented Tom McClellan, provided us with a "Preview of Coming Attractions" for the next month of meetings:
Dec. 26           No formal meeting, but come join President Heidi at Carr's for lunch off the menu!

Jan. 2              Nicole Ayres               Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic in Lakewood ***

Jan. 9              Lissa Kramer               Heritage Capital Projects Mgr., WA State Historical Society

Jan. 16            - - -                              Club Assembly – Committees

Jan. 23            Lisa Blevins                 Classification Talk – House Flipping

Jan. 30            Chief Mike Zaro          Lakewood Police Department

Feb. 6              Paul Bucich                 Lakewood Public Works Director


General Ed was also feeling the Holiday Spirit, levying fines with a lighter-than-usual touch, and even allowing our savvy solicitor, the loquacious Tom Faubion, the rare privilege of standing while recounting a recent trip.
We enjoyed some heartwarming Christmas stories, learning a few important lessons: (i.e., "Avoid Christmas at Disneyland", and "Wait until passing ALL your final exams before buying a miniature class ring for your soon-to-be wife!")
By the way, we did manage to squeeze in the weekly raffle, where our visitor, Ralph Lockhart had the winning ticket, but failed to draw an Ace!
The talented and compassionate Joyce Oubre brought us up to speed on the progress of our Christmas Shopping and Holiday Food Basket Projects. Gift delivery to our Tyee Park Elementary kiddies is happening on December 21st, courtesy of West Pierce Fire and Rescue.
The second part of our project, Holiday Food Baskets for our Custer Elementary families, also went off without a hitch, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our members and teammates:
Huge Thanks to our dedicated Logistics Team: Tank James HairstonCharlie Maxwell and Norma, Ellie Carr and the awesome staff of Carr’s Restaurant, Karen Fengler Nichols, Karl Roth, Hallee McCurdy and West Pierce Fire helpers, Lisa Blevins, Judi Maier and Tom Wie, David CotantJohn Munn, Ed TrobaughHeidi Wachter, and our Project Leader, Joyce Oubre
Also, thanks to Trader Joe’s University Place for your donation of heavy duty grocery bags! (My deepest apologies if I left anyone out!)  Here are a few photos from our packing and delivery events:
And Finally...
Here is the concept of "Cost-Benefit Analysis", explained in one photograph:
(Credit: Econohumorist Tom McClellan)