In Memoriam: Clover Park Rotarian Alice Peeples
Alice Peeples won the weekly raffle on October 3, 2018
We received the following letter from  Clover Park Rotarian Jeannie Hill, daughter of Clover Park Rotarian Alice Peeples:
To our Rotary Club of Clover Park family:
It is with regret and deep sadness that I must inform you of the passing of my mother, Alice Peeples, on June 24, 2019. She became very ill during last week's meeting and was hospitalized that afternoon with a major abdominal infection, acute pancreatitis, likely brought on by gallstones. After many stressful, exhausting procedures and tests, her doctors concluded that she would likely not survive the necessary and life saving surgery to remove her gallbladder. Her many underlying health conditions and general weaknesses were contributing factors, as well. Her body was simply worn out. As per her wishes, she was moved to comfort and palliative care only. Her passing was peaceful and pain free. She is now in heaven with my dad, my brother, Tommy, and our Nonie and Papa, and is probably receiving 10,000 kisses from all her doggies.
Alice was one of the early female pioneers of Rotary. She was the second woman to join the Enumclaw Rotary, joining in 1987, and became its first woman president several years later. After retiring from her work as a civil rights advocate at the Rainer School, she transferred her membership to Clover Park.
Rest assured she deeply loved each one of you as she loved being a Rotarian. She would often remark about all of you being family, and I feel the same!
Thank you!
Jeannie Hill