Christmas shopping for needy kids, a new grandchild, and a presentation about the new 988 phone system.
Notes from the Nov. 30 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
President Becky Newton kept up her perfect record of on-time meeting starts, and thanked the set up crew of David Cotant and Mike Killen, as well as our greeter Tom Faubion.  We welcomed 3 guests, all joining us via Zoom: Lonnie Peterson, Matthew Gower, and Doria Maselli, all of the State of Washington’s Health Care Authority, joining us to talk about the new 988 system for mental health emergencies.
Jeannie Hill got us into a mood of service and fellowship with some inspirational quotes:
1. I choose to live by choice, not by chance; to be motivated, not manipulated; to be useful, not used; to make changes, not excuses; To excel, not compete; I choose self-esteem, not self-pity; I choose to listen to my inner voice, not to the random opinions of others.  - - - Miranda Marrott
2. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.  - - - Benjamin Franklin
Sunshine Report
The one item to share is that past member Bob Edington has passed away.  He was a member of our club from 2007 to 2015, and had been a member of other clubs prior to that.  He was a retired college professor and administrator, whose assignments included Pierce College and Central Washington University. 
Future Programs
Dec. 7        Jake Galvan, Seattle Field Ofc., Drug Enforcement Agency
Dec. 14      Committee meeting day, no speaker     
Dec. 21      Fellowship meeting, no speaker 
Foundation Minute
Georgene Mellom shared with us details about the two remaining types of grants from the Rotary Foundation:
Programs Of Scale Grants fund activities that benefit a large number of people in a significant geographic areas using a sustainable, evidence-based intervention.  Each year, one approved project will receive $2 million from the Rotary Foundation’s World Fund.
Disaster Response Grants fund small-scale, short term activities that address needs caused by natural disasters in your community.  Districts may apply for a maximum grant of $25,000, based on the availability of funds.
Membership Minute
Gretchen Allen noted that she has reached out to our guest speaker from last week, Chris Aubertin of the Tacoma Rainiers.  She will be discussing membership with him next week.
Christmas Shopping
Joyce Oubré sent an email message to all members, discussing the details of the Dec. 10 shopping event at Target for needy students.  Please remember to email Joyce to let her know that you can come.  If you cannot make it to the shopping event, then come to the Dec. 12 wrapping event at Carr’s Restaurant, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  RSVP to Joyce if you can come to that.  Carr’s will be putting out a light dinner spread for $15.  For the wrapping party, please bring your own scissors and a pen; everything else will be provided.
President’s Minute
The nominating committee has proposed a new slate of officers and directors to take office July 1, 2023, and the board has approved this slate to be presented to the membership for a vote.  This slate is as follows:
Rotary Club of Clover Park
2022-23 Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors
President:  Sue Potter
President Elect:  Mike Killen
VP:  Joyce Oubré
Past Pres:  Becky Newton
Secretary:  Tom McClellan
Treasurer:  Judi Maier
Sergeant at Arms:  Dave Cotant
Club Administration:  Scott Adams, thru June 2026 (Note 1)
Service Projects:  Alan Billingsley, thru June 2026
Rotary Foundation:  Georgene Mellom, thru June 2025
Membership:  Gretchen Allen, thru June 2025
Public Image:  Hallie McCurdy, thru June 2024
Fundraising: Joyce Oubré, thru June 2024 (Note 2)
1. Scott will also assist Georgene with the Foundation.
2. Joyce Oubré will serve dually as VP and as Fundraising Director thru the end of her 3-year term..
Fun And Fines
by Katelyn Billingsley
There was no game this week as Rotarians offered up enough confessions to fill the segment.  They started with Bob Lawrence, whose travels to visit grandkids included 2 days in Arizona, 4 days in Tampa, a stop in Fresno, and next week he is going to San Diego.  8 days = $50.
Hallie McCurdy had a birthday, and also attended the Seahawks game last Sunday, running into Alan Billingsley on the train there.  $45.
David Cotant celebrated birthday #80. 
Katelyn saw a brief lull in the confessions, and so she tithed for her raffle winnings last week.  And she also assessed a $2 fine to all WSU fans for their sad defeat in the Apple Cup.
Gretchen Allen then spoke up and mentioned her son who is a chiropractic school, and is thus far earning a 4.0.  $50.
Randy Black piped up from Zoomland and complained about Katelyn’s onerous fines.  That was just a setup for mentioning that his youngest daughter just had a brand new granddaughter, Phinney.
Alan Billingsley was proud to announce that his foster daughter Cassie just had a child (name and stats not disclosed). 
Newest member Paige Hansen promoted a Jazz Jam that takes place the first Friday of every month, 7-9 PM, at Christ Lutheran Church.  On top of that, Paige’s younger son is playing Bob Cratchit in a performance of A Christmas Carol at Harrison Prep.  And Paige herself is MCing a Big Band Christmas at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse on Monday night, Dec. 5.  There are just a few tickets left.
This Week’s Program
July 16, 2022 marked the nationwide launch of the new 988 call system for mental health related calls.  Our speakers were Lonnie Peterson, Matthew Gower, and Doria Maselli.  This system is intended to unburden the 911 system for mental health related calls, and better route calls to trained crisis counselors.  It ties into an existing suicide and crisis lifeline, with calls routed by area code to local call centers.  If the responsible call center is backed up with existing calls, then the system routes calls to another call center. 
All calls are answered by a certified crisis counselor, 24/7.  Callers are never put on hold.
Crises include thoughts of suicide, substance use, mental health issues, or a loved one needing support. 
WA State’s call centers are receiving federal funding to staff up.  Money also comes from a state excise tax. 
Counselors can do referrals to hospitals, and they are already tied into the 911 system.  2% of calls require referral to EMS.  There are also mobile crisis teams dispatched from the 3 state crisis centers.  They have 100 full-time employees across the 3 centers.  56 of them are members of the response teams.  They are still working on building out the system.
The 988 system can accept reports of a family member who is a danger to himself or others, although this type of call is usually better routed to 911.  Lonnie Peterson noted that they do see spikes in calls following mass shooting events, which trigger emotional stress.
We had winners draw an Ace on each of the last two weeks, but this week’s ticket holder Ramona Hinton did not have that luck.
And Finally…
For those who read the books or saw the movies for The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum, this sequel will likely be a letdown.