The Rotary Foundation, and its relationship with our club and our members.
Notes from the May 18 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Tom McClellan
We had 3 greeters on this day, Tom Faubion, Georgene Mellom, and Sheri HodsonDavid Cotant stepped in for Jeannie Hill to share some inspirational thoughts.  And Jim Hairston led us all in the salute to the flag. 
Guests on this day included soon to be new member Jack Kammer, and Howard Svigals, the District 5020 Foundation Chairman. 
Future Programs
May 25    Andrea Krook, Children of the Nations
Jun 1       Kerri Pedrick, Lakewood Communities in Schools
Jun 8       Sarah McGhinnis, Associated Ministries Youth Host Home Program
It was a pretty light day for announcements.  Jim Hairston mentioned that we are two months away from our Golf Tournament fundraiser.  The committee will start meeting soon to coordinate that event, and he is looking for members willing to serve on that committee.  At some later point, he and the committee will seek members willing to work at the event.
New Member Induction
We welcomed new member Jack Hammer, a Senior Loan Officer for Fairway Mortgage Corporation.  He grew up in Seattle, worked as an engineer in the San Francisco Bay area, then was a part owner of a winery in Walla Walla before moving back to the Puget Sound area and working in the mortgage business.  He was the youngest of 9 children.
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh was absent on this day, and so Becky Newton got appointed as deputy finemaster pro tem.  She immediately assessed a $2 fine for any Rotarian not wearing a Rotary pin.  She then asked if there were any $5 confessions.
Randy Black spoke up, noting that he and Tina are expecting to welcome another grandchild, due in November. 
Gretchen Allen celebrated the news that she has hired an assistant, to help her with a big workload.  Gretchen noted that she will now have to start working on her delegating skills.  
David Cotant celebrated that just 3 weeks after knee replacement surgery, he was able to get out and play 9 holes of golf (with a cart). 
Heidi Wachter checked into the meeting late, via Zoom, and promised that the check is in the mail.
Hallie McCurdy took a 2 week vacation to Kentucky to visit family, and had an amazing trip.  There was no word on whether she bet correctly on the winner of the Derby.
Sue Potter went to Tucson to care for her mother, which was not the fun trip.  She’s looking forward to having fun going to North Carolina for her daughter’s college graduation. 
This Week’s Program
A few weeks ago, program coordinator Tom McClellan had asked our club’s Foundation director, Georgene Mellom, to give a presentation on the Rotary Foundation and the important work that it does.  Being a smart cookie, Georgene quickly realized that she could do this the best by outsourcing it, and so we welcomed District 5020 Foundation Chairman Howard Svigals.  He is a past president of the Gig Harbor Midday club, a former Assistant District Governor, and former District Fundraising Chairman.
The Rotary Foundation is run by a board of trustees, apart from the operation of Rotary International.  The Foundation is a 501c3, and has a 4-star (highest) rating from Charity Navigator for 13 years running.  92% of donations go to funding programs.
The Foundation has 7 Areas Of Focus:
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
  • Environment
That last one was just added by RI past President Ian Riseley, who is now the chairman of Rotary’s Environmental Issues Task Force. 
Clubs can apply for grants for projects that support one or more of these areas.  There were 1416 Global Grants awarded last year.  Global Grants are for amounts $30,000 and higher, and must involve clubs in two or more countries.
There are 3 key accounts within the Foundation:
  • Polio Plus
  • Annual Fund
  • Endowment Fund
The Foundation has accomplished a lot in the fight against polio.  When Rotary started this effort in 1988, polio was in 104 countries.  In 2021, there were only six cases worldwide.  This year, there have been only 3 cases so far, all in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 
The Endowment Fund uses earnings on investments to fund projects.  It is currently up to $1.5 billion.
There is also a temporary Ukraine Disaster Relief Fund, which has raised $14.4 million so far.  District 5020 Rotarians have donated $184,000.
The principle and program of “Every Rotarian, Every Year” (EREY) asks each member to donate at least $25/year.  This can be done very easily by going to and set up automatic periodic donations.  The minimum donation is $10/month and the credit card processing company has agreed to waive the fees, making your donation go farther.  4 members of our club are already doing this.  Since our club’s inception, a cumulative total of $387,565 has been donated by our club members.  To see the donations you have made, login at
Under EREY, half goes to District 5020, and half to the world fund.  5020 gave out $194k last year to clubs’ projects.  The District community grant size is awarded based on a club’s per capita contributions.  The District’s DACdb site has a list of projects being supported.  
July 9, grants open for next fiscal year. 
With $230 in the pot, and 1-in-28 odds of drawing the remaining Ace, Scott Adams was not lucky, but did walk away with $5.
And Finally…
Somewhere, there is a governmental agency containing a staffer who actually approved spending money to print and erect this sign.