We're back!!
Notes from July 7 meeting of the
Rotary Club of Clover Park
Recorded by Tom McClellan
At the Installation Banquet last week, we installed President Teresa Nye, President-Elect Becky Newton, and Vice President Sue Potter.  But just a week later, none of these officers were available to honcho our first live meeting post-Covid.  Past-President Jim Hairston happened to answer his phone when Teresa called, and so he got the privilege of welcoming us all back to a real live meeting at Carr’s Restaurant.
Jeannie Hill kicked off the meeting with a set of inspiring messages.  Visiting former Rotarian Ralph Lockhart led us in the Toast To The Flag, and our regular flag salute.  Heidi Wachter helped to lead us all in reciting the 4-Way Test.
Guests included Alan Billingsley’s wife Debbie, plus grandchildren Hazel Billingsley and Nolan Carr.  Ralph Lockhart was initially recognized as a visiting Rotarian, but he clarified his status as just a guest.  Ralph was once a Lakewood resident and a member of the Lakewood Rotary Club, who helped with the task of standing up our club as a spinoff back in 1982.  He transferred to the East Grays Harbor Rotary Club, but that club has seen declining membership and when they got down to just 4 members, they folded. 
Sunshine Report
Ramona Hinton was absent from the meeting, attending her bi-weekly chemotherapy appointment.  And Georgene Mellom’s good friend Jack is undergoing medical testing later this month, so please keep a good thought for that cause.
Future Programs
July 14            Dr. Thomas Broxson, VP of Instruction, CPTC
July 21            Megan Sala, YMCA of Lakewood
July 28            Sue Scott, President, Lakewood Historical Society
Bob Lawrence mentioned that the Lakewood Film Art Book Fest is going to be held Oct. 8-10 at the McGavick Center at Clover Park Technical College.  Admission is free.  More details coming soon.
Bob also noted that the Lakewood Playhouse is back in action now, including a youth performance of “Frozen” this weekend with a performance Friday July 9 at 7PM, and 2 on Saturday at 2PM and 7PM.
Jim Hairston sent out an email to everyone with details about the golf tournament fundraiser, how to sign up, how to enlist sponsors, etc.  If you did not receive it, please contact Jim.
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh was glad to be back in person, and taking up where he left off 17 months ago.  He started by recognizing July birthdays, including Ellie Carr, Tom Faubion, Bill Hairston, and Taryn Wallace.  He then moved on o July anniversaries, including Marie and Bruce Barth, Sheri Hodson, Bob Lawrence, Alan Billingsley, and Taryn Wallace.
Ed then noted the late arrival to this meeting by David Cotant, who confessed that he had just returned from a 2 night golfing trip to Sequim, WA (for the uninitiated, it’s pronounced Skwim), and realized he had time to get to the meeting.  Two nights = $10.
Bob Lawrence reported that he had traveled to Santa Fe to visit his sister.  And as we all remember from studying state capitals in elementary school, Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico, which is an actual state.
Katelyn Billingsley was proud to announce that daughter Hazel had tested into the gifted program, and would be transferring to a new elementary school, news which Katelyn figured was worth $20.  Ed Trobaugh then noted that Katelyn also forgot to sign in ($2), and so did Ellie Carr although in Ellie’s defense she was busy schlepping food as our server for the day.  And the food was delicious, just as we remember.
Finemaster Ed asked Randy Black about the recent heat wave we all experienced, and Randy noted that the Lakewood Water District had hit a new record, pumping 26.4 million gallons of water in one day as people tried to keep themselves and their gardens cool.
Ed then noted the consternation which Jeannie Hill apparently felt at seemingly having been forgotten by Master Of Ceremonies Tom McClellan (momentarily) at the recent Installation Banquet.  $5.
Ed also noted that our installation ceremonialist Tom Faubion had forgotten his glasses, and fumbled with reading his own writing on the cards containing the text of the various officers’ oaths.  Tom Faubion then amplified the charges against him, noting that he was initially absenting himself from the early Zoom meetings, and then often departed the meetings early in the middle of the speakers’ presentations.  For these multiple heinous and grievous offenses against Rotary, Tom proposed to make amends by purchasing a “Fraley”. 
A discussion then ensued about the derivation of the term, which dates back to when charter member Ray Fraley was president and thus got picked on a lot by the finemaster.  Ray bristled at this attention, and asked how much it would take to be exempted from all fines for the rest of that Rotary year.  A figure of $400 was arrived at after some deliberation. 
A modern deliberation was conducted at this meeting, concerning a possible inflation adjustment, and a new figure of $500 was agreed to, which Tom Faubion agreed to pay in exchange for being exempted from being called to pay for the rest of the brand new Rotary year.  This does not exempt him from attention, however, just from payment.  
Georgene Mellom decided that this was a fair deal, and agreed to purchase her own “Fraley” for the year.  So the club's general fund is now in much better shape.
This Week’s Program
There was no program this week, just an opportunity to reconnect with everyone, and see each other in person again (and to celebrate that).  It was nice getting to catch up informally with everyone.
That said, Alan Billingsley did make note of some new developments involving our adopted South Puget Sound Wildlife Area.  A team of 12 high school students from the NW Youth Corps will be working next week, pulling invasive weeds, and helping with restoration efforts at the turtle pond.  Some beavers have moved into the pond, and are doing a bit of disruption of the nice natural environment that the State scientists are trying to cultivate there for the turtles. 
Alan also got a phone call recently from a woman whose father was a regular walker in the Wildlife Area, and who recently passed away.  The woman wanted to donate to fund installation of the last of the resting benches in the plan, to be installed in her father’s honor.  For this overall project, Alan has managed to rope in all of the service clubs in the Lakewood and Steilacoom areas in some way, and brought attention to this nice gem of a “park” in our city. 
Raffle: $357 is in the pot, with 36 cards remaining, including 2 aces and 1 joker (worth $20).  An ace would earn the entire pot to the winner.  Young Nolan Carr had the winning ticket, but drew a 2, earning him $5. 
And Finally…
How to know when it is time to spend a little bit more on an experienced electrician.