Where our fundraising efforts go.
Notes from the July 20 meeting of
The Rotary Club of Clover Park
recorded by Tom McClellan
With our normal greeter Tom Faubion out performing services at a secure undisclosed location, Georgene Mellom got to stand in as greeter and rafflemeister.  President Becky Newton offered thanks for those services, as well as for Mike Killen doing meeting setup, Sheri Hodson leading us in the flag salute, and Paul Webb leading us in the Four Way Test.
Jeannie Hill offered 3 inspirational thoughts to get us in the right mood:
1. Being negative only makes a journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it.  - - - Joyce Meyer
2. You can't keep the birds of sadness from flying over your head, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair.  - - - Sharon Creech
3. Knowledge is like underwear. It is useful to have it, but not necessary to show it off. - - - Bill Murray
Sunshine Report: Ramona Hinton mentioned that she had talked with Fred Willis, whose wife Ingrid has been suffering with bursitis.  She got an injection, and slept well for the first time in many weeks.
Future Programs
July 27     Reid Vance, Home Title Theft
Aug. 3      Peter Cook, HMS Titanic
Aug. 10    Brittany Gautschi, Tacoma Childrens Museum
Foundation Minute
Scott Adams shared some information about what it means to be a Sustaining Member.
A Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member is an individual who personally contributes US$100 or more each Rotary year to the Annual Fund. These contributions also count toward Paul Harris Fellow, Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, Paul Harris Society, EREY, Major Donor, and club recognition.  Use the Club Foundation Banner Report to see your club’s Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members.
For $10 a month, you too can be a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member and help provide life-changing opportunities for those in need on a yearly basis!
Membership director Gretchen Allen read the name of Kathy Weymiller, who has been proposed for membership. She is the principal of Custer Elementary, and a former member of one of the Rotary Clubs in Gig Harbor.  She will have difficulty attending in person during the school year because of her principal duties, but could Zoom in with us from her office.  If anyone knows of a reason why Kathy would not make a great member of our club, please notify Gretchen Allen or Becky Newton to express your concerns, so that the board can review them.
Sheri Hodson is our new Club Administration director, and is going to be working on revamping club committee assignments.  Look for a questionnaire soon about your preferences in this area.
President’s Minute
Becky read a thank you letter from the Steilacoom Food Pantry, in appreciation of our club’s $2500 donation a month ago, which they will use to purchase meat and other fresh items for the people they serve.
District 5020 has an opening now for a Public Image Chairman.  Please let Becky know if you have an interest in serving that way.
Fun And Fines
Ed Trobaugh noted that he has learned since last week that Georgene Mellom has paid for another “Fraley” this year, which is a $500 indulgence against fines for the duration of the Rotary year. 
Sheri Hodson celebrated anniversary number 33 with husband Mike Hodson, and they spent a few days with friends up in Edmonds.  That was worth $50 to the Rotary Foundation.
Joyce Loveday joined the meeting via Zoom, and noted that Clover Park Technical College is now in the throes of the Summer Quarter.  And they are doing that while implementing a new data system, which is a big challenge.  No fine for this, just good to see Joyce again.
Sydna Koontz also joined via Zoom.  They had a big family reunion with 16 people recently in Snoqualmie, plus a trip to Beaverton, Oregon for her granddaughter’s soccer tournament.  “I’ve never watched so much soccer!”, she noted.  $50.
Marie Barth was visiting in person from Montana, and noted that the new house is great.  Husband Bruce was busy that day getting a new automatic watering system set up for Marie’s flower baskets.  Two weeks ago, Marie had a fall, bumping her head which led to a hematoma, and 2 days in the hospital.  She is back to feeling better now.  Oh, and she and Bruce just celebrated their 51st anniversary. 
This Week’s Program
With the (re)scheduled speaker once again not available, Program Coordinator Tom McClellan introduced a presentation by Joyce Oubré and Becky Newton on our club’s fundraising efforts, and also what that money goes toward.  Since club members who are not on the board may not know what all of the directors do, this was a good opportunity to review the fundraising functions and what they are for.
Joyce noted that the CPRI event in April was a big success, raising a total of $11,493.11, which was about $4000 more than the last one we did in 2019.  The difference was from dropping the size of the cash prize payouts, and from the addition of a silent auction which brought in about $1900.  Plus our caterer, Carr’s Restaurant, generously reduced their catering fee cost. 
The upcoming Golf Tournament is on August 6, and the fundraising committee is hoping it will raise $19,000 this year.  We still need more golfers and sponsors to meet that target.  Late entries are still coming in.  Total capacity is 144 golfers, and we have 80 registered so far, so there is still room for 64 more.  $14,000 has been brought in so far.
David Cotant has brought in 20 golfers, Paul Webb 12, and Jim Hairston has 16 signed up.  We need to spread that workload around of signing up more participants. 
After the discussion about how much we are raising, and hope to raise, President Becky Newton took over and gave a brief recap of the budget which the board recently approved.  The numbers are still preliminary, pending the closing of the books for the last Rotary year, which ended June 30.  That task affects amounts that will be carried over into the new year.
Becky noted that most of the money raised with our $150 individual membership dues go to Rotary International and District 5020.  The costs of actually running administrative club functions like the web site, speaker lunches, a PO Box, sunshine gifts, and attendance at District training events comes from the money we raise via Fun And Fines, and the weekly raffle.  Other clubs do this differently, with higher official dues amounts, but we chose years ago to keep dues low and rely on the alternate and “fun” way of raising the operating money we need.
For the Charities Account budget, it is important to know that our club decided early in its existence that it would be a good practice to start the year knowing how much money we have available to spend, instead of setting spending goals and then hoping to raise enough money to meet those goals.  So our practice is to take the money raised the year before in the Charities Account to set the budget for the new year.  For the current year, the funds raised last year plus a small amount carried over as unspent funds from last year mean a budget of $28,922.49.
Big items for the Charities Account expenditures include $12,500 for our signature project at the Wildlife Area, $3,500 toward Christmas shopping for needy families, $3,500 for food projects, $2,500 for fund requests (by local groups), $2,500 for identified projects, and $1,500 for an international project, plus several other lesser activities.
Regarding that last item, Ramona Hinton and Alan Billingsley have proposed supporting a joint international project with 2 other Rotary Clubs to fund a reading program in the Dominican Republic.  It is a one-year project that will help support 450 students there, and may eventually lead to an opportunity for some hands-on work.  Alan Billingsley shared some pictures from that school, which is known as Project Las Americas.
All of these numbers will get finalized around October, once the tax reports for the past year are finalized and we know exactly how much can be carried over. 
With Georgene Mellom managing the raffle this week, she had Ed Trobaugh draw the winning ticket, which was held by Tom McClellan.  Tom could not draw an ace, though, and won $5.  
And Finally…
There is often a big difference between theory and reality.